are you...

..... left or right handed?

I have been struggling left handed all day due to an extremely painful strapped up wrist and its so flippin hard to get used to it!! My grandad, aunt and OH are all leftys and I think my middle boy Isaac will be too. Are you left handed, right handed or ambidextrous?

Elaine and boys (its took me ages to type this "ouch"!) xx


  • Im right handed
  • im right handed...JJ is showing VERY right handed preference already! x
  • im right handed, so is my oh but my dad is left handed. im pretty sure tegan is gunna be a righty too xx
  • Me & OH are lefty's! but Charlie is a bit young to tell yet! .. oh and my Best mate is a lefty too! lol x
  • I'm a lefty too.
  • I can use either for everything bar writing which i use my right for. I can write with my left hand but it looks like a 5 year old did it.

    Hubby is right handed and lo is too young to tell!
  • Both me and dh are right handed and have no lefties in our families. Too young to tell with Louise yet, she did seem to use her left hand/arm lots to begin with but it has evened out now.

  • Good question. I can use both hands for most thing writing with me left can be a bit dodgy so nearly always choose my right. Oh is right and all his side, my Dad is a righty and step mum and sister are lefty's. Not sure about lo at the mo reaches for things to chew with both hands!
    But step mum had her left hand tied behind her back at shcool to stop her being a lefty-isn't that horrible? Even during lunch and playtime too. x
  • im right handed, but use a fork in my right hand too, which peple thinks strange
  • me martin justin and maya are all right handed
    charlie is a little young to tell yet

    but i know how you feel strugaling to use your other hand only had to do it for 18 months due to carpol tunnel syndrom and then due to the surgery
  • thats what my mum reackons iv got but im pretty sure its just RSI (too much time on BE lol) I used to work at a computer a few years ago and thats when it started and it comes and goes now.

    Is being left/right handed genetic?
  • I'm left handed
  • It depends what i am doing. I generally write with my right hand but can use my left hand (just not as neat LOL). Opening bottles and cans and most things artsy i tend to be more left handed. I can get confused when using cutlery, as I find that I keep swapping hands. LOL.

    I have 2 left handed cousins.

    OH is right handed.

    LO is showing strong preference for his left hand.
  • I dont think they know what causes some people to be left handed. There are a few theories but it is not just genetic. The most popular theory is it has something to do with which side of your brain controls language. In most people it is the left side therefore the right side controls movement.

    Apaprently this theory can be proved using animals. They dont have language and do not show a preference for right or left handedness.
  • I am left handed and so is H2B. Looking forward to seeing what our baby will be!

  • I'm pretty much ambidextrous apart from writing and then I'm left handed.
  • im right handed when writing but when eating im the opposit. my husband is left handed.
  • i'm write handed, i'm useless with my left. Though i eat with my fork in my right hand - i always get told thats "wrong" - but it seems to make sense considering i use my fork a lot more than my knife....?!?
  • Me, OH & Sam are all right handed image xxx
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