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Hey ladies,

I realise it's a little early to be thinking about stair gates, with James only being 5 months old! image

But basically the previous house owners had one at the top of the stairs, and we used it for the dogs.

We've had new wooden stairs put in, because the old ones didn't reach ANY of the regulations, and were completely unsafe with/for a child.

At the top there is the post on the left, but there is also a piece of wood against the wall above the top step, on the right. This means the dimensions for a stair gate need to be about 71 cms at the bottom, and 79 cms at the top.

We want a pressure gate, rather than wall mounted. The majority of the ones I have seen, have a minimum width of 75cm. The ones that are less, seem to be wall mounted, or just don't look nice (I know not really a problem if they're safe, and will use one if have to).

So anyone have a gate that is 71 cm or less minimum width, pressure fixture? If so where did you get it?? Thanks. xx

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  • can you get a pressure one without the bar at the bottom?? We want a pressure one at the top of the stairs and can only find one with the bar which is a pretty big trip hazard! Will keep an eye on this one. x
  • Hi summer, you can yes. I have really only searched 2 websites at the moment, Mothercare and Babies R Us. There was one on one of those sites. xx
  • Hi, just a quick post to say we had pressure fixed gates on the top and bottom of our stairs and they kept coming loose the amount we were going through them. It really worried me so we now have fixed ones. They stay in place and are much more secure. We have had stair gates since lo was about 10 months and we now have a new baby. We will have had the stair gates up for about 5 years in the end so I don't mind filling/decorating a few holes after that time - the hallway was decorated just before stairgates went up - it will probably be due a new coat of paint when the stairgates come down.
  • Thanks for your replies. We might have to get one that fits at the bottom, but needs a block at the top. Will get OH to check my measurements too. xx
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