Confusing poo!? (also in BIMay)

Sorry this is a bit minging (funny how nothing seems disgusting when it's your own but totally gross for anyone elses!).

Tigerlily's poo is normally mustardish but this morning (after quite a lot of squeezing, thought he head was going to fly off) it was mustardish with black streaks in. Does anyone have any idea what it is and do I need to do anything?

How can poo be confusing?! xxx

Squig & Tigerlily (11 weeks)


  • Could it have been dark green? If so, totally normal. xx
  • No it was definately black I had a close look and it was the streak was big enough to see the colour. I will see if any more appears xx
  • If it's a one off, I wouldn't be too concerned. If it's reoccuring, then I'd speak to GP. Old blood comes out black. But I'm sure it's nothing. xx
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