My pushchair broke!

My pushchair has broken and now Morgana and me are more or less stuck in the house!
I have a Bugaboo Gecko and the disc that holds the handle to the chassis has broken off, meaning it's now loose. I'm not too happy, but at least John Lewis, where we bought it from, are being really good about it. As the pushchair is discontinued, they said pick another one from their website, ring them back and if it's less they'll refund the difference back to us. It's just such a hassle, was gonna go into town with her tomorrow and now I can't as I can't carry her for that long. I just hope they'll deliver the new one soon.


  • I had my pushchair stolen (it was in the car boot when car was stolen) I ordered the replacement from John Lewis and they lent me a courtesy pushchair while I was waiting. It's probably worth asking if they have any available you could have. At least then you'd only have to carry her as far as John Lewis!
  • Morighan, pick one that costs more and give them a ring, when my camera broke John Lewis let me pick one that was ??40 more expensive and I didn't have to pay the difference. If you still want a Bugaboo I bet they would send you a Cameleon if you asked.
  • Sorry - I sound like a real chancer don't I!
  • Problem is theChameleon is like over ??200 more, bit much of a push image
    I think I'll go for a Bee and ask for the rest of the money back, it folds in one piece which would be good for me as I have a small car.

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