OMFG!!!! Stupid mummy! *Update*

I am the stupidest mum alive and don't deserve to have Charlotte.

An ambulance crew and paramedic have left my house in the last 20 minutes.

I was sorting some paperwork out and Charlotte wanted to see so I let her sit on the desk with me in front of her so she couldn't fall. She threw a pen on the floor so I went to pick it up and she fell head first off the ****g desk onto the floor (about 2ft)! Landed awkwardly on her head. Screaming her head off so I rang 999 straight away.

She's been checked over by everyone and she soon calmed down and even started playing with them! They all said she was fine. Cannot believe it the way she fell. I really thought she (or rather I) had done a lot of damage. They assured me how lo's are so resilient to accidents. And to keep an eye on her in case of any change. She's eating a snack now so must be ok.

I am so ****g stupid. No-one say that I'm not cos I know I am and should know better.

I'm just so glad she's ok.

Thanks for your messages. They made me feel better.

Well Charlotte is absolutely fine. Like nothing ever happened.

We went to my dad's yesterday and she was playing, walking about (holding hand) and on her own a bit between me & dad. Plus talking saying tick tock, all gone, where's it gone etc so the bang on her head hasn't affected her at all.

I'm still pretty upset with myself though for being so stupid.

A lesson WELL learnt!

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  • hayley, i am going to say you're not stupid coz you're really really not. accidents happen.
    it sounds as though if she hadn't landed awkwardly then there wouldn't have been a problem.
    the main thing is she is ok, and yes children are more resilient than we expect a lot of the time.
    please don't beat yourself up about this, just put it down to experience, lesson learned, you'll never let it happen again that's for sure.
    hope you are ok hun ((hugs))

    gemma x x
  • Your not stupid you were just letting charlotte do what she wanted to do. Don't feel guilty. I'm sure we've all put our lo's in places where we shouldn't but just been lucky. As long as charlotte is ok thats all that matters.
  • Thing is she's so prone to tantrums I give in to her so from now on will stand my ground.

    And I've just realised that the raisins I gave her to eat are now in the big whisky bottle where all our coppers go!
  • Huni honestly its was accident- not your fault don't stress!I blamed myself when Lily pulled the highchair on her and its something that will always haunt me as I know I should have made sure that it was in a secure place but everyone said it could have happened anyway! You acted quickly and she is OK so thats the main thing. Hugs xxx
  • Well it's like nothing's happened. She's playing everywhere (whilst I'm trying to finish paying bills etc).

    Ambulance crew said they see this all the time and I'll have more to come!!!!

    If I'd have fallen like she had I'd be in traction by now.
  • You aren't stupid, this kind of thing happens!!!! I'm glad she is OK. And children are indeed very resilient xxx
  • Oh hun, accidents happen, and we all have lapses occasionally I'm sure, like the others have said you'll never let anyhting like this happen again, and Charlotte's fine, so try not to be too hard on yourself and put it down to experience. If you weren't a good mummy you wouldn't be beating yourself up about it.

    My LO fell off the bed a few weeks ago, and was fine, but then he tried to get up and whacked his forehead and split the skin so it needed gluing, I blamed myself (and still do truth be told) but he's ok, and I've just got to learnt from it - sometimes things will still happen however closely we're watching them. Like you said, the hospital said they see it all the time.

    Have a good cry when she goes down for a nap if it helps you to get it all out x
  • oh hunnie, iv only just read this! You are far from a bad mum, you are a fab mummy! Glad shes ok. Sending you both big hugs xxxx
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