Breakdown cover bargain, for the winter!!

I've been with the AA for years and ring up every year to have a moan because I want whatever internet offer they have on at the time which is always cheaper than my renewal they send me! :lol:

Anyhoo, I did my usual today, got my renewal through and went to check their website and they've got a real bargain on at the mo, ??89 for roadside and relay for you and one other person, thats nearly half what they sent me through on my renewal!! I rang and they reduced my amount to the internet offer.

Just thought I'd mention it as with the winter drawing in, last winter being horrendous, and most of us having kids or kids on the way it's just my personal opinion that breakdown cover is well worth having and this seems like a damn good price!

They should pay me commission! :lol:


  • ooh sounds like a good deal image

    im with the RAC and get the full cover plus priory if i break down cause i'm disabled for ??10 a month x
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