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when ur los are tired and u put them down to sleep, do they go on there own or do they have to be rocked, sung to etc... jayden still wont fall asleep on his own.. has to fall asleep in arms or rocked in pushchair hes 8 months !! lol


  • Gabe's always gone on his own, since he was about 2 weeks old. Its best as when they stir in the night, they don't need you to get them back off to sleep. It's not easy for all babies though! xxxx
  • I think you need to let him get used to going to sleep on his own in his cot otherwise whenever he wakes in the night he will only go back to sleep this way - have you tried cc?? it works for some, just try putting him in his cot tonight and for all sleep times, it will take a while but eventually it should work but with a lot of tears!!! does he have same routine for naps?? Evan is put in his sleeping bag, has his dummy, given his frog (soft toy) and his musical pooh put on for every sleep unless we are out and its took ages but he will be asleep within a couple of mins now
  • i have tried cc and it did work, but then he go ill and it all went down hill from there really, but since hes been born he never been able to get himself off to sleep in the day for naps,.. i tried cc for his naps in the day but i alwyas end up giving in after 3 hours lol when jayden wakes in the night i feed him in his cot and he goes straight back off now... and this past 6 nights he has only woke once for a bottle in stead of 3 botles!! just the day naps that are a promblem now xx
  • hi hayley, I have just seen this post.
    My lo also used to only sleep in my arms for her naps. I decided enough was enough and with the help of bedhead image I used pupd as I couldn't bare(?sp) to hear her cry for ages. Since the new year, she will only sleep in her cot unless really tired her pushchair.
    I suggest give it a go and see how you get on, you do need to be persistent though.

    A month later she doesnt always fall straight to sleep. She does everything she can to battle out of it! 3hrs on my own downstairs is lovely now! I can finally get jobs done and have some me time image
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