Baby's first haircut?

Hi girls,

my lil man, Joshua, is 9 months old and has loads of hair! He has to have a comb over to keep his hair out of his eyes and at the back of his head it looks like he has a mullet!

what age do you give a baby a haircut? i dont want to cut it in case he suddenly moves and i snip an ear or if someone else cuts it and they cut it too short that he wont look like my lil chunky monkey anymore. any suggestions pls girls?

Vicky and my long haired lil man xxx


  • Thanks Ivana...i may attempt it at the weekend! x
  • well as you can see from my avatar Paige has heaps of hair and hasnt lost any, it keeps going in her eyes, i'd like our eldest to do paige's first haircut as she's training to be a hairdresser (she's 16) my dh dont want her near it but i think it would be a nice gesture for her big sis to be the one who does it for her (only another yr and a half til she's qualified lol), i tried to clip the front back yesterday and she went balistic so had to take it back out she didnt try to pull at the clip but i thought i'd rather put up with it in her eyes then her screaming and to be perfectly honest it irritates me more than it does her lol...............cant wait for the hair cut though just hope our dd sticks her course out to qualify

    our 2nd dd used to fall asleep while having her hair cut i used to have to put my hand under her chin to keep her head up, once when she woke up it was longer on one side lol she's not so bad now though, i dont think Paige will be a problem as neither of the others were they take after me all like having their hair played with
  • Hi Vicky,

    Im a hairdresser and it is best to get LO's hair cut (or attemp it urself if ur brave enough!!) as soon as they need it doing which is when it either gets long and straggly on the ends or just so long they can't see!! If it gets long and straggly and u don't get it cut then when they are older they will be stuck with fine baby hairs all around the hairline. The more often u get it cut the better condition ur lil mans hair will be when he is older. It will result in Thicker hair as he grows. Lots of people make the mistake especially with girls not to have it cut as they want it to grow nice and long but if it doesn't get regular cutting then it will just be fine with loads of split ends and as i said - the child will have all those fine baby hairs around the hairline to have to deal with later in life.

    If u do decide to go to a hairdressers- just to make u feel a bit more at ease i have never cut a child and have had babies very young and toddlers who have had to be restrained in their seats by their parents kicking and screaming. The technique used involves us putting our fingers behind where we cut with our scissors so we will only ever cut ourselves not the child. If u explain that u only want a small bit of hair cut then a good hairstylist will listen and do as u ask and if Joshua is really not co-operative then they won't do it if they feel it will not turn out as u would like it. Hope this helps u anyway

    Oh, and in case u were wondering- my lil girl is 7 months and still a baldy and im really willing her hair to grow as i can't wait to give her her first haircut!!!

    Hannah xx
  • Ah bless! All 3 of mine have been born with lots of dark hair and the boys were 1 yr old when we had theirs cut. Ds1 now has it done every 8week or so as he's 5 now but ds2 suits his hair longer cos it's slightly curly and thick. Best thing we did was take a pack of buttons to bribe them with! They both sat still the 1st time and love the hairdressers! Can't wait til my lil girl's hair's longer so i can go girly things with it!
  • Our eldest is 2 and we still cut his hair! It grows sooooo fast. He's got down syndrome and is a bit unpredictable so it feels easier for us to do it than put a hairdresser through the ordeal!! When he was little we would wrap him in a towel with his arms clamped down (he was a bit too interested in touching the scissors) and daddy hugging him and singing. Now he's bigger we sit him in the highchair and daddy reads books with him while I snip away - for the scary bits (like round the ears) we give him chocolate buttons... He looks cool though and not like I did when my mum cut mine when I was little - fringe at a 45 degree angle!!!!!!
  • Vicky , I was just about to tell you the same as Hannah coz thats what my hairdresser told me with Amy coz she had heaps of hair. Dont think I'm going to be worrying too much about Zaras hair anytime soon though coz shes still as good as bald!!!!!

    Hilary x
  • My daughter got her hair cut on a monthly basis from when she was 5 months old (she was born with a real thick head of blac hair) - she loved it then and still loves going to the hairdressers now - though she doesn't get going nearly so often now! Don't think Rory is going to need to go anytime soon though ...... like Zara he's a bit of a baldy bap!

    Gill x
  • Hi Katelou

    Ive been doing it for 6 years now including training time but been qualified for four. I really enjoy it actually i go back to work in a week or so im really nervous

    Hannah xx
  • I work for a Salon in a big town centre and my Boss has two more Salons within Kent so yeah quite big company. Its nice though because a lot of salons are really bitchy but this one isn't too big so there are only 4 stylists and 2 juniors so not too bad and i get on with all the girls. I was thinking about going mobile too but its a bit risky for us as my OH is self employed and has only just started out so we wanted to wait and see how he gets on first for a year or so before i take the plunge. Hope it all works out for u when u go solo- u will probably make loads more money!!

    Hannah xx
  • Ah thanks for the replies girls...I didnt expect so many, I thought people may think it was a stupid question!

    Well my cousin is a trained stylist so she offered to do it. Im so nervous...silly isnt it! Well I think were going to get her to do it next mil offered to do it...uh no thanks! xxx
  • Iv been hairdressing for 15 years and never in my life have I heard advise given out such as cut the hair or they will have baby hair around the hairline when they are older???!?? Get a toddlers hair cut around 15 months if you can but don't panic if you can't cos they won't sit still. Plenty of time for hair cuts. Once you do start to cut the hair just keep on top of it to prevent split end splitting the hair shaft to the root (same as any other head of hair baby or adult) the baby hair around the hair line (fluff like) will naturally thin out and fall away tho some people have lots of it and keep it through life. This has nothing to do with cutting the hair.

    I would take the child to a hairdresser unless u are qualified urself as we know what we are doing also if you are not qualified and u nic the babies skin or ear and you poke them with the scissors you will never ever forgive yourself for it.
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