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Hi Ladies

After talking to the paediatrican on monday who suggested that the fluid on tylers head was due to the pressure of his birth, I have decided to visit an osteopath to see if they can help with his nighttime restlessness and also his colic/reflux.

Has anyone taken their LO's to one, and how did they get on ?


Sarah+Tyler(12 weeks)


  • My neice is 9 months old and has been ill with a cough and cold since she was about 3 months. She has very rarely been well. My sister was advised by a friend to see a cranial osteopath and she feels it is working a little already. She had an appointment on Tuesday, and has a follow up in 3 weeks. She said watching it was amazing and my neice is already more smiley...just hope the illness goes now!

    Good Luck hun xxx
  • Daisy has had some CO because of her reflux.

    The difference after a couple of sessions was amazing and now, with her medication as well, she rarely throws up! The medication alone was not working, but since we had the CO (over a period of 6 weeks) it has made a huge difference to her.

    Added to her reflux improving, she hasn't had the constant snotty cold and horrible cough that she seemed to have for months before that!

    My niece also had CO after a ventouse delivery and I think my brother and SIL would say it really helped her too!

    The hardest part for me was getting Daisy to stay in one area for too long, but at 12 weeks, I don't think you'll have the same issues!

    Good luck..

    C xxx
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