Does anyone have....(strollers)

Hi ladies

Still on my hunt for a stroller...and got to be in the next 2 weeks as we go away then!

Anyway, just wondering if anyone has either of these and can tell me their good/bad points, in particular if they recline fully to lying flat, if they have a good length leg rest, if the basket is a good size and if it's lightweight and easy to fold up:

OBaby Atlas Vintage stroller

Cosatto Yo stroller

Thanks, NN x


  • I have an O'Baby Atlas Circles which looks pretty similar to the Vintage. My usual pram is a Bugaboo and tbh they feel similar in weight, but the Bugaboo is very light anyway. It reclines nearly completely flat and my 14 week old snoozed in his last week when we were away. The basket does seem a little small but it's quite easy to push and very easy to put up and down. HTH's

    BG & Jensen 14+1
  • I dont have the Obaby but just wanted to say the pink on it is reallllllly bright more like barbie pink then it seems in the pictures of it. Its not quite as cath kidston as it looks if you were going for the look of it. It really put me off.
    Obaby strollers in general are quite good. For the price of the Cosatto I'd go for a Maclaren in all honesty.
  • we are buying the cosatto yo! in pink for our baby girl, my mum has the obaby atlas and i find the handles to low on it, but then the yo! ones are quite high but suit me perfectly (i'm 5ft 8) xxxxx
  • I have an O Baby Atlas Sport. I don't think there's much difference.

    It's reasonably lightweight. Lies flat, and James is still sitting in it without putting the feet/leg part down yet. It's suggested you put the breaks on, on both sides just to be sure. I would say it can be a little tricky to get the folding mechanism to work. Ours doesn't have any padding on the harness, but some of the other O Baby seem to, so that one might be different. Basket is reasonably small, and sometimes tricky to get to, depending how reclined the pushchair is.

    But I would recommend it. I would just suggest you sit Lyvi in one, if that's the one you want to go for. As the shoulder harness seems a little high up, and James's ears were taking a small battering until we adjusted everything. HTH. xx
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