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Hi, my DD is 6 and a half months old and has slept in her cotbed from about 3 weeks as she prefered it that way, anyways she is in her own room and has no night light and no cot mobile and sleeps really well self settles straight off at nap and bed times, i feel she is missing out a bit not having a cot she just wakes up and talks to a blank ceiling so was thinking of getting one but now am also worried that introducing one now after she has gone so long without will distract her from self settling?? what are your thoughts?

Thanks x


  • maybe put a soft toy in instead? I guess she can move a bit, so when she is awake enough, she can go and talk to it!!

  • we have had to take ours down as LO can pull it and we were worried it could land on him, we have a light show ont he side though that he can turn on himself, its a fisherprice rainforest soother x
  • We recently removed our cot mobile, as it says as soon as they are sitting unaided or crawling it should be removed due to risk of strangulation? Guess it depends on what type of mobile you have/get though. xx
  • Lizzie has her cot by the door so on the door handle she has a soift hangy thing that plays music when you pull the moon bit down and she will listen to this when she goes down for naps. she does have a cot mobile over her bed too but we only use this if she needs to be in her cot awake- so when i have a shower or am putting washing away quickly (otherwise she is trying to eat everything she can grab!)
    she cant reach it and she doesnt have either musical thing on at bedtime. its simply curatins shut and laid down awake after last bottle in quietness and she self settles to sleep.
    so basically,lol, we use the hangy door music thingy for naps and nothing for night time and i think it helps her distingish between day time naps and night time sleeping x
  • she has a couple of bed time pals she has in her cot with her so i guess i will just leave it "if it aint broke don't fix it springs to mind"

    She actually probably would just pull it down on to her,

    Thanks ladies xx
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