Getting sent anti 'pedo groups' on face book..

I do understand that these matters really anger people (they make me angry & upset too) but since having my baby when ever they pop up and people feel the need to forward them they always want to include me.. I hate it!!

Not only do I not what to be made to think about such things all the time, it really worries me as I have a very young baby and all it takes is for one of these 'pedos' to join one of those groups and trawl thru and more often than not everyone in them will have young Children, I don't want to draw them upon me.. we all display such personal info! & following the things that have been happening lately it's really frighterning.. I do know the people forwarding them mean well and are doing it for the right reason.. but I just don't want to be a part of it all!

I just think being in THAT sort of group draws the wrong sort of attention and worry it makes 'us' more vunrable.

I can't watch the news about baby P, as someone else has said it happened very close to where I live and I watched the witch children and I cried and it REALLY got to me.. & although it's sooo awful I don't like having that heaviness.. I really just want to enjoy my baby without fear but of course just taking the normal caustion.

does anyone else feel like this? xx


  • I totally agree about the heaviness and if your not careful you'll miss out on enjoying the most precious years of you lo's life. I make myself watch the news and things like that as it makes me realise how lucky I am. Have to say on Facebook I am probably over careful as it's a way I keep our families upto date with our lo and it's so easy to be drwn into something without ever really agreeing to it if you know what I mean.
  • I'm the same about facebook. I also hate being sent invatations for groups protesting about other groups, I'm happier not knowing about them thanks! I've been avoiding the news this week as I know it will make me cry, I think I've just gone soft since I've had Barney as I can't even watch casualty anymore incase there are children in it.
  • I think I have always been uspet by these things. I work in a school in a very deprived area (one of the worst int he country for depreviation) and I have seen some horific things in my time there. It doesn't get easier the more I have to see them and it breaks my heart. I have lost track of all the children I have said to hubby I just want to bring home. I find it hard to switch off from it and now having Lily I look at her and think how can people ever hurt them. It really does break my heart, so you are not the only one.
  • I dont want to join any of the groups like that. I remember the other night I watched a documentry on african witch children and then i went on facebook and there was a bloody group about it!! getting invites for 10 things a day really annoys me. how on earth is a facebook group going to make ANY difference?

    sorry for the rant :lol:
  • It's often the same people who send out these invites so I have to confess I click "block all invites from this sender" when I get one.

    I'm a bit funny about Facebook, anyway.... I won't accept friends unless I know exactly who they are, and I periodically go through deleting people if I can't remember who they are (so very sorry if I've rejected or deleted any of you, but I'm paranoid).

  • I've joined a group that I want to leave. How do i do it? I've tried everything lol!!
  • They can if you don't change your privacy settings, Tuesdae - but there are options for making sure randoms can't even find you in searches, never mind see your stuff.

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  • i have to say im the same as Pinktoothbrush....when someone sends me and invite or even a stupid application thing i just block all invites from them!! its much easier....if i wanted to join these groups i would look them up myself. But like has already been said....whats the point??!
  • Thank you joanne&brood xxx
  • Oh so glad i'm not the only one! Thank you girls was a little worried someone might be offended by me saying that I didn't want it thrust into my face every 5.. it's not like I don't care OF COURSE I do.. but most people get desensitised to horrific infomation and I don't want to live in fear or for nasty subjects to become the norm and then loose there 'impact' .. I do support my coosen causes like shortly i'll be starting a tiny bit of volentry work with children/young girls at risk of being sexually exploited just to keep my hand in my line of work and to help build self esteems and self worth ect.. because I get alot from it too... but you can't 'SAVE' everyone and I really hate feeling guilty because they is a little baby harmed somewhere who I would of had in my home in a heartbeat but in all honesty i'm helpless to help.. you just simply cant do it all! xx
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