where the hell is my AF!!!??? :\?

My AF still hasnt turned up!!! I dont wanna do another pg test coz iv wasted loadsa money on them so far - im pretty sure im not pg but why else could my AF not turn up?? I have had a pretty stressful month but surely I wouldnt be this late. I must be 3 weeks OD a visit. Its driving me bonkers! I wouldnt mind if she decided to stay away forever but I at least want to know what the hell is going on? If I go to the docs they prob wont do much as Im not ttc and Im not in much pain. (got a dull ache in groin and back) Posted on Junie forum but posted here incase any1 has had similar? Any advice on what to do?? xx

Sorry for the lil rant needed to let off steam, thanx ladies. xx xx


  • Aunt flow = period lol
  • ahhhh! i thought it meant period but couldnt figure out the letters! haha!
    oh hun, hope you get it soon. do you have a family planning clinic you can go and get a free test at?
  • Are you normally pretty regular? I've missed the odd month before now when I've been stressed, so it could be that. But then I never had a very regular cycle anyway. Hope you get an answer soon. If you are really concerned see you GP, they should be able to do a free test for you I think. Or as listef said, try a family planning clinic?
  • Oh love was gonna leave a message for you yesterday to see if they had turned up! I'd book a doctors appointment .. just encase! x
  • Hi,
    Stress can delay AF so it could be that but if you have some pain it probably wouldn't hurt to go to the GP. They'll probably just tell you to take a pregnancy test but they may want you to go for a smear or scan just to be safe. Hope it works out OK.
  • got app for a smear today @ 5.45 - will tell nurse see what she thinks, thanx ladies xx
  • well I went to Docs - saw the nurse who said I couldnt have a smear because they wont give them to under 25s anymore. Iv got to do FMU sample and take it too docs in the morning, go bk Fri for the results and see doc. Thanx for your help and advice ladies xx xx
  • When I turned 18 the DR said I would have a smear at 20. When I turned 20 they put the age upto 25 before you have a smear. Its really worrying as its best to get a smear between the ages of 18-25, although I do know women who have them a lot older than that!

  • yep i keep missing smears lol coz they age keeps goin up just as i hit the age. when i get to 25 they will prob up it to 30! bloody annoying!
  • my periods stopped before i conceived grace,still dnt know y but i hadnt had one for 4 mths and then got pregnant with her which i didnt even think was possible if i wasnt having af?obviously is as im pregnant again and dnt have af due to breastfeeding! xxx
  • any news hun? x
  • im currently havin the same prob and its makin more stressed. iv done 3 tests in 2 weeks and all negative!!!i neva had regular periods before fin but they had seemed to settle down but this month - nowt!!let me know what the docs say as i could do with some advice.xxx
  • went bk to docs today - pg test came bk neg - phew! lol She said if my AF hasnt shown in a couple of months to come bk to talk about what to do next. She wasnt very helpful actually. I dont mind if I never see her again LOL but I'd just like to know why to be sure there is nothing badly wrong with my body.

    babyfizz - sorry I cant be any help. just test again in a week, if still no pg/af go to docs. hope u r ok hun xx
  • well, i did my last test as im takin champix to give up smokin and you cant be pg and take it!!i might just go to gps anywhere. finley is doin really well, his little toothy came through on mon. hope your ok 2 hun?xxx
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