crashing from pregnancy with a quick question!

Hello ladies and babies, hope you're all having a lovely sunday!
Just wanted to ask a quick Q, we're looking for a holiday, need something to cheer us all up after a rough few months, and have found very cheap flights to Spain in August. PIL have a villa over there so only need flights and a bit of spending money, will probably eat in most nights and make the most of the BBQ!
My only concern is that bubs will only be around 3-4 months, is it going to be ok to take her? Checked with airline, they take infants from 14 days old so no problem there, and i'm hoping i'll still be breastfeeding at that point, although if i'm not what do i do about milk? And what about the heat? Is a sun canopy on the pram going to be enough or would i need to keep her out of the sun completely? And even if i was breastfeeding would i need to give her water or would my milk be enough to keep her hydrated?
Sorry, all these questions, just don't want to book the flights if its not going to be suitable.
Thanks in advance!


  • Hiya hun, oooh a holiday sounds lovely! Lol. I havent taken Riley on a plane yet, just a ferry, so can't comment on the flights bit. But just wanted to say 3-4 months if you do end up breastfeeding that's when I found he was at a great age when everything had settled down. So think it's a great age to take LO away.

    I think they do sun suits which look abit like wetsuits for in the hot weather, and lots of suncream and shade. Also not going out at the hottest ime of the day. If you are breastfeeding then I know that in normal conditions the milk is enough to keep them hydrated, but I think I would take a cup for water as well. There are sippy cups and doidy cups you can use from 3 months, but Riley needed a bit of practice with his for a couple of weeks before he could get the waterI'm sure the ladies on here will have some better advice as I know lots have been on holiday with LOs. xxx
  • Thanks for that! I'm not mega worried about the flight, (famous last words lol) was hoping i could pop her on for a feed for take off and landing to help her little ears and try to persuade her to sleep for the rest of the 2 hours it takes! With any luck i'll still be breastfeeding so perhaps if worst comes to the worst i'll take a bottle and let her have water if i think she needs it. Is the water in spain ok just boiled and cooled or would i need to use bottled water? I'll have a look for the sunsuits, thank you! xx
  • You'll be fine, we took Barney to Mallorca when he was 10 weeks old. The flight was fine, had to keep him either in the shade or under the uv cover in the pushchair during the day but it wasn't a problem. I was bfing and he just fed a bit more often but wasn't bothered about having water. If Mallorca is the same as mainland Spain then the water is safe to give (when boiled) but tastes foul!! You are better off with bottled water, even for making formula, but you need to boil it still, and check the sodium content as many bottled waters aren't suitable for babies. We used a brand called Lanjaron which is great, but I've no idea if it's available on the main land.
  • Just to add, we have a shade a babe for the pushchair, it completely covers them from sun and is great when out all day. They fit most push chairs I think

    They sell them on (go to the outlook section)


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  • i've taken 2 of my children away (tenerife) when they were 3 month old the flights were no problem as you said i just fed on take off and landing i was breast feeding 1 the other was mixed feeding and i just went to the local supermarket when we got there and brought milk, nappies and bottled water. Buying nappies there keeps the luggage down.The heat shouldn't be a problem just keep Lo in the shade.
    Enjoy your break. x
  • Thank you for that everyone! I'm off to book my holiday!!! xx
  • Can i just add that due to the stuff that is put into bottle water it is recommended to let them drink the tap water...after boiling it first. (Friends of mine go quite regularly due to family living in Majorca and were advised this by docs)
  • i bet it will be great!!get booking!! i hope bf goes well for you as its soo much easier than carting a load of bottles formula etc.If you are still bf ur milk will change according to the climate and babies needs so u shouldnt need to give additional water.Make sure you buy some baby sun block and have fun! xxx
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