Teething order!

Hi everyone image

My dd is 6.5 months and after a horrendous week of teething symptoms, she has finally got the start of a wee tooth. However it looks like a canine instead of one of her front teeth. Is this normal?

What order did your lo's teeth come in?

Ladybird and the vampire baby :P x


  • evie got her 2 bottom, followed by 2 top
    however our nephew who is 10 months got his side one first so i think its just random!
  • Hi Ladybird,

    Usually the lower front ones come through first. My god daughter got her small lateral upper teeth before the front ones, maybe that's what's coming through for your LO (ie the one in front of the canine tooth?)

  • dd is 10.5 months and she got a top tooth and then a bottom and then another top tooth, if they get the side teeth first it is called cross teething, nothing to worry about
  • My little one got his 2 bottom teeth first then another bottom one.
    They can come through i any order x
  • I was wondering about this!! Adam looks like one of his side teeth (next to his front teeth) is starting to poke through, but I'd convinvced myself I was seeing things because it was in the 'wrong' place! I'll go have another peek when he wakes up...

  • my son got his bottom 2 at 5/6 months and now has a fang and a front one coming through.
    use anbesol if your lo is in pain it works better then teething gels xx
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