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Hi Ladies,

Has anyone used Calpol 'night' with their LO, Ben (19weeks old) has got a terrible cold, and was up nearly all of last night not being able to breath properly, I used karvol, raised his cot etc. I went to the Pharmacist today and she said to give him Calpol night which apparently is a bit like medised, and it will clear their nose and help them sleep... I've never heard of it before and just wondered if anybody had any experience with it.



  • hi, i have used it for evie when teething has been really bad, we both had a better nights sleep image
  • i think I must have a crap pharmacist, as the calpol website says from 2 years too, although the box does say 3 months. I gave it to Ben last night (before I checked the website!) and he slept really well, but I best not give it to him again. really annoying getting conflicting advice from people who are meant to know what they are talking about!! Hope kai gets better soon hun x x
  • u can buy calpol night for 2+yrs and one for 3+m i got some from chemist last wk and i was just asked what age it was for, i said 9m so was given the 3m+ bottle
    i do wish they wld make up their minds! and stop changing things all the time its sooo frustrating.
  • thank you so much kirst3, that's good to know...i'm a worrier as it is, without confusing medicines. thanks hun x x x
  • I used medised for the 1st time last night as Poppy has been really poorly and up all night as she can't breathe properly and is coughing all the time - I don't mind getting up with her at all but she's so grumpy in the morning cos she hasn't slept so I went to a chemist for Medised and they asked her age and when I said 17 months they wouldn't sell it to me. I went to the next chemist down the road and I lied when they asked so I got it. She slept so much better because of it and has woken up a much happier little girl. It did concern me though about how drowsy it made her.
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