Night waking, not for a feed. What do I do? Up since 3.30!!

Oh my god. We've regressed. I got more sleep when he was a newborn. Ok, so Archie is 17wks old, 16lbs and has on occasion slept thru the night. When he slept thru I knew he could do it so when he woke I started offering water, for 2 nights it was awful. Then last 3 wks he has slept 7.30 till 4/5ish then happy to be settled with dummy or a quick cuddle. No night feed in about 3wks.
But the last 2 nights he has woken up and just wanted to be up and awake.Not crying for a feed quite happyt o gurgle away for a wee while, then gets bored and wants up. After an exhausting 2hrs of attempting to pick up and put down (whihc I was rubbish at) I gave in and fed him at 6am. He took it all but there was no way he was going back to sleep.
Could be his teeth as he was chewing his hands a lot but the teething gel did nothing to soothe him. Do you think he needs weaned ? Only naps for max 4hrs, over 3 naps, in the day so I don't think he is mixing up day and night. What do I do ? Is it to late to try a dream feed or am I just introducing another bottle that I'll need to try and drop later on ?
Aagh, so tired and not sure what to do next, hubby has no patience and as we're in a wee one bed flat (can't sell!!) moving him into his own room isn't an option. Any ideas ? S x
Oh I should have said, he has 4x 8oz bottles a day, although today will be more cos I fed him at 6am.

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