What counts as cooing?

Now this might be a difficult question to answer! :lol: I'm not sure if you'll be able to write down the noises your baby makes, but give it a go please. :\) The HV asked today if James coos, I said yes. He does make sounds, just not very often, and I'm not sure how many of them are due to wind! :roll: Thanks ladies. xx mithical and James 7 weeks today.


  • Sasha 'chatters' away quite a lot with coos and gurgles and little like shout out noises. Big sister Jess thinks she is actually talking and says she is saying words that have an even slightly similar sound. She doesn't really laugh yet but does make a lot of sounds. Daddy and Jess are both very talkative (never shut up) so I think she will be a chatty one anyway :lol:

    Sasha is 6weeks 3days

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  • I do talk and sing to James. Before the midwife discharged us, she said James was a vocal baby. I know babies develop at their own paces. xx
  • i can't really describe it, but here's a link to a video of my lil girl talking to herself if that helps xx



    the second link is probably the best

    (p.s if it doesn't let you look feel free to add me if you have an account so you can look x)

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  • Thanks for your replies. jemmykins, I will definitely look at those links when I have a computer again. Thanks. xx
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