Are they ok for a 13 month old? Everywhere I read says don't give processed meats like sausage until they are older. :\?
Whenever I do buy them for us I always get top quality ones as I don't like the taste of the cheaper ones.
I want to make a sausage & pasta bake fresh for us and would like to try Charlotte with some.


  • evie loves sausages. she is nearly 10m i get the sainsburys ttd ones that have a high pork content. we dont have them often so im happy to give them to her. xx
  • I think you have to becarful with the skins of sausages as they do't always agree with kids, my mum works in a nursery and they do't serve them now as they had to many problems xxx
  • oh yeah, i take the skins off image
  • Oh not heard of that! Is it cos of allergies or choking?
  • It's cos of choking but I didnt know this and Gabe's had em with the skins on before, he was fine with it.
    We just get cheap sausages and he's had them...naive maybe in thinking sausages are just pork...hmmm! xxx
  • I always get good quality pork sausages.
    The cheap ones always taste really gristley - you don't know what's in them. (although you can imagine)!!!!! I always try and get British pork too as the pigs better well looked after, and ones with high pork content.
  • Kelsie has had butchers sauasages from about 12 months old, but we used to take the skin off. Now she's 16.5 months she'll have them with skin on. But we always get the from butchers so they're not full of crap.

  • She's had cocktail sausage at her 1st birthday party. She seemed to like it!
    The sausage in my pasta bake would all be chopped up into pieces so I don't think she would choke on anything. She's always been pretty good with lumpy food.
  • Ellie is the worldest weirdest and fussy eater & I was eating some sausages yestersday myself so took the skin off and tried her with them and she loved it!
    I only like the high pork content ones because I prefer the flavour so this'll be a new thing she can eat image xx ps shes 11 months next week
  • my lo has had sausage since about 7 months and LOVES them - toad in the hole is a fav - never taken the skins off for him. Like you say good quality sausage is great!
  • Today is a food revelation for me. First I discover fish fingers as a quick and easy dinner (I dont eat them often so hadn crossed my mind), Now its sausages!!!


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