Hi there, just wondering how you are getting on with your early wakings? I hope your LO has settled back into the good sleeping pattern they already had!

My LO has not had any night feeds for 3 consecutive nights now, which is great news. He has woke at 5am every day but I've left him to either settle back (did this yesterday until 7.30) or lie until 6am, when I just get up with him. It's still very early days but things do seem to be improving nicely.

Anyway do hope all is well with you, take care xx


  • Hi Lawso,

    That's brilliant news! You'll feel a much more refreshed and rejuvenated woman not having to get up to feed. They all get there in the end....Thomas went through a very similar thing to get to where he is now. He is still waking at 5.50am but re-settling himself to 6.45am. He doesn't even whinge but by that point I'm ready to get up.I was out Wed night for a friends birthday meal and he let me sleep till 7.15am. I was very thankful as the last time I was out he had me up at 5am and would NOT re-settle! The following day was a very long day!

    Now he's done it for 3 nights chances are he will continue doing it as it's the pattern he's become accustomed too.

    Well done little man - keep it up for mummy!! xx
  • That's good news then too, at least he's self settling himself. Enjoy the rest of the weekend xx
  • You too Lawso,

    Just out of interest, did you tweak his naps and did you find this helped? x
  • Yes, I've been trying to keep him up longer than 2 hours after getting up, before need a nap, which seems to have worked. The last two days though he has had 1 1/2 hours at his first nap, which has been some 2 1/2 - 3 hours after getting up. I'm not sure if I should be reducing this or not because yesterday, he only had 1 more nap in the day and that was only for an hour. Today, he's had 2 other naps but they've been 35 minutes each, so both days less than the 3 hours I think you recommended.

    He's been a struggle to get down tonight, although I've just left him moaning and he's going off now at 8.20, last few nights it's been more like 7.45-8.

    I can't tell you how good it feels not having to get up and feed in the night and I just pray he doesn't take a step backwards. About a month ago he lulled me into a false sense of security, slept through 3 nights on the trot and then got far worse than ever! Fingers crossed this is just the beginning xx
  • Awww really hope your little man keeps up the good work. My DS has cut his first tooth bless him, he did wake a few nights ago and wouldn't settle for about 1.5 hours in which I ended up feeding him. I put it down to a growth spurt but thinking about it now, he was probably teething. Feel guilty as I should've checked and offered some pain relief. At least now if he wakes, I'll know to do that xx
  • Thanks Gichu.

    It's so difficult isn't it, you just think they're twisting over nothing, if only they came with a book! I did a similar thing with my LO, then realised he had a tooth through which must have been the bother.

    It's the same with weaning, all we seem to do all day long now is feed. I've no idea if I'm doing it right, some times he can't get it quick enough and other times he's not bothered at all. I'm sure we'll get there.

    He has dropped his milk intake but I still feed him 4 times a day as we've been on 4 hourly feeds for a few months now. But I'm sure this will reduce further, poor man will balloon if he keeps taking so much food before being active xx
  • Yeah know what you mean about the weaning. My LO's been having lunch which has affected his 2pm bottle. Gonna introduce breakfast next week which will undoubtedly affect his 10.30am bottle so think what I may do is look at reducing his morning bottle so it doesn't feel like am feeding all day long! Either that or delay his afternoon bottle so I can drop teatime bottle (or merge that one into bedtime). the only issue I have with that one is that we tend to go out a lot in afternoons after his lunchtime nap, - having a bottle at 3pm/3/30pm would disrupt this as we would always feed before leaving the house.

    Think will start with dropping the morning and see how we go. Am sure the little man will tell me if he's not happy with the arrangement!!!

    Oh the joys of weaning!!! xx
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