Anyone else a member of the 5am club?

Just as the title says Alf has been waking up at 5am or before for the past few days. He's quite happy to chat to his toys and himself and just play but clearly it isn't great for oh getting up for work.

So just any advice please-why might he be doing it? And then what do I do to stop it as he normally goes from 7pm till 6:30-7am and has done for ages so no idea what's going on but it can't go on!

He's 8 months on Tuesday. We swapped over to follow on milk on Sunday. Always check for a dirty nappy when he wakes up at 5am but never. Normally we don't feed him till arond 6:30/7am and so doesn't drain his bottle just takes about 5-6fl ozs.

Anyway thanks in advance for any ideas/ top tips!
A knackered Bekkie x


  • Yes!! me!! No advice just sympathy hun! lol xx xx
  • Hi me too the past few days not got any advice either i'm afraid am thinking tis the light mornings with my LO !

  • had one night of my LO sleeping through nfrom 10 til 6.15 but last night he was up again at four...grr!might be the light as someone said earlier?
  • Never thought of that-maybe some black out curtains then! Thanks ladies I will be thinking of you tomorrow and hoping you're all still asleep! Going off for a snooze now B xzzxzxzxzxzzzzzz
  • same here, he's been like that for a few days but he doesn't really disturb us, just sings and talks to himself until OH gets up for work, i also think it's the birds cuz his room is quite dark x
  • i was this morning, but tbh im not really complaining as freya slept all night until 5.30am for the 4 th time in a year!!!!! xxx
  • Archie is up between 5 and 6 every morning. I was hoping that the more solids I started giving him he would just stretch his sleeping out a bit. No chance ! Going to get a black out blind this weekend and see if that helps. More than anything it will help me settle him in the dark.
    He coo's away to himself for a wee while and then cries after about 15mins. He's not hungry cos when I give in and pick him p he just cuddles to sleep. Let him cry for a while this morn and he nearly went back to sleep but jolted himself awake and I gave in and picked him up (much to hubbys annoyance) will see how we go tomorrow. S x
  • Charlotte is now waking earlier, but at 7am so not quite so early. she has a blackout blind but it's still lighter in her room so cold be that. That means she's back to going for a nap at about 10.30ish.
    I was hoping it would go back to early afternoon like other "boddlers" have. Although from the sounds of it she's fighting having this morning's nap!!!!
  • Louise used to wake up at 6ish for a feed and then go back to sleep for at least an hour - up to 2. Now she's waking at 6.30, wanting a feed, still tired but not going back to sleep. It is much lighter at 6.30 now so I'm wonderingif that is why!

    Have you tried putting him to bed a bit earlier - theory of 'the more a baby sleeps, the more a baby sleeps' can mean that if you put him to bed 1/2 hour earlier he will wake up 1/2 hour later (ish)
  • Hey Loopy Loo he's been extra tired the past few days and he's been in bed by 6:30 pm instead 7pm so might need to keep going with the early beds.
    He's had 2 hours this morning and is down for another nap now so maybe thats too much? Flippin' heck I haven't a clue!!!
  • hey,
    wow! 6.30, we're usually still having dinner then, lol. Louise doesn't go to bed till 8.30, maybe I need to take some of my own advice! he he
    In theory the more they sleep during the day can help them sleep better at night too! but I read somewhere (prob on here lol) that they shouldn't nap after 4pm. That said though Louise tends to sleep from between 3/4 to between 5/6.
    maybe the clocks changing might actially help us?!
  • Thats true when does that happen again? Am off to Google it!
    Alf sleeps after brekkie so from 8am now as we're awake from 5am!! (used to be 9-9:30) for 2 hours. Then after lunch so from 1pm for 2 hours or so. I thought that was good but am at a loss. Will give the black out blinds a go-off to google them too!! Thanks chuck
  • Luckily the room sleeps in was previously a babies room and they (maybe accidentally) left behind the blackout blind. I think it's the last weekend in march. the clocks will go forward.
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