tired of the word no???

any 1 else tired of saying no? my lennon will be 1 in 2 weeks and everyday its like my new word is no,wouldnt be surprised if it was his first word,he already no's how 2 shake his head 2 say no,also tends to blow a raspberry wen he gets told off which makes me laf,hes aloud to explore most things but i'm not sure eating dog food and playing in the water bowl is something i will allow lol


  • hiya Lewis will be 1 next monday - And NO is our favourite word - oh dog food and playing in the water bowl is one of his favourite past times lol - oh and carrying the dog ball in his mouth so hygienic!

    Lewis says no - he says it when he takes the sky card out, he pulls it out shakes his head says no, then passes it to me and says ta!

    he also says it when he heads to the bathroom to play in the toilet, also when he is climbing on the coffee table!

    good one today, he hit my friend on the knee he was being cheeky, she tapped him back and he hit her again and said no!

    so i think its normal lol!
  • lol beanie (our dog) has a toy box also which lennon has claimed but i'm glad hes not the only 1 who goes around with their toys in his mouth,i keep thinking ppl with think i'm being unresponsable letting him do it(not that i do) but he does like to play with beanie,bashing the lap top is 1 lennon likes,grabing the cats and dog anything that will really get him told off lol think he gets it from his dad lol
  • Hi Ben is commando crawling at the moment and gets everywhere and into everywhere im constantly running behind him saying No!im also fed up of my house looking like its booby trapped i have cushions in front of plugs,wires,all reachable breakables up on the settee..i even have my coffee table up on the other sofa to make more room for Ben in his walker lol!the other day i was in kitchen with ben crawling around behind me as usual and noticed he was chewing on something...after struggling for ages to get it out of his mouth i got out a dog biscuit!i had moved the dog food and water bowls onto counter top but he must of found one on the floor!he to plays with all my dogs toys!
  • Oh sarahlou you sound your house sounds exactly like mine, but with cat bowls.

    Shea is 8 months and commando crawling, he's driving me mad, he always wants something he shouldn't have!! All the toys I bought him and he's sooner stick his head in the waste paper bin or chew wires!!

    I've lost everything off my hearth and he was smashing anything he could get his chubby fingers into!

    I'm just hoping it will get better soon......
  • Oh Claire i had nice arrangments of candles and bowls with wicker balls and fir cones in on my hearth..well not anymore all had to be moved cus Benji likes to chew on them and tip them all over the floor and use my candles to smash against one another and everything else....lol gotta love em!!!!!!!!!!!!;)
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