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when do they move in next car seat as she getting to long for the first stage car seat but she only 14.6lbs and 8 months so by the time she 9 month her weight might be problem is age or weight that you have to go by wont do you think?

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  • It's both weight and age that matter. They need to be able to sit well and supprt their heads at least before they go forward facing. When you say she is getting too long, is it just her legs that are sticking out? It is much safer for their legs to be bent up than for them to be forward facing, you only need to move them out the first seat when their head is over the back of the seat. Hope that helps
  • My lo's legs are starting to hang over the end of her seat (she's 21 weeks) but it's thier head thats important. You should keep them in stage 1 for as long as possible as it's safer. You should move them if they reach the max weight or thier head starts to go over the top.
  • Bedhead is right - as long as her head isn't over the top then she is fine. If you think she looks really uncomfortable then buy one of the stage 0+ ones, they go forwards and backwards and are suitable until they are 4 years old. 14lbs is far too light to be facing forwards.

  • Millie was in hers untill the week before her first birthday!
  • My mum does have 0 to 4 years one am i right thinking she stll needs still backwards faceing. she now 8 month and the rate she going she might 18 month before she 9kg. her head nealy at the top of the car seat first stange wont do think
  • If you get a O+ one you would need to have her rear facing for quite some while. Poppy only went front facing when she was 11 months. Do a search on google for forward facing car seats in accidents - the results are horrific, this was enough for me to want to have Poppy rear facing for as long as possible.
  • aw thanks for recommending me lara!!!
    everyone seems pretty clued up though, you shouldn't move her into the next stage until her head is above the top of the car seat or she weighs at least 20lbs. If she does not weigh at least 20lbs when her head has reaches the very top of the seat then we would always recommend getting a combination seat from birth-4yrs such as the Britax First Class as then she can face rearward for a lot longer which is definately best for her
  • thank you hun my mum has one 0 to 4 so i will but her that when she to big for the other one thank you again girls
  • I put Ellie in a forward facing seat at 5 months but she was the just short of the weight and i couldnt physically get her into the other chair any longer, depends on both weight and length. x
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