waiting for the TV repair man.

I'm waiting all day today for the man to come out and repair the TV, sometime between 8am amd 6pm,
what a waste of a day!

I'm too scared to do anything, incase I miss him, nobody seems to ring the doorbell any more.

Looks like I'm going to be here for most of the day!


  • ahhhh i couldn't live in the house for an enitre day with no TV (that's really sad isnt it!) but even if i'm not watching it, i find it comforting to have it on for background noise!!

    I feel for you being in the house all day, though if the weathers anything like up in newcastle there wouldnt be much to be doing outdoors anyway!

    hope he comes nice and early for you!!
  • The TV works when you eventually get it to turn on, it took ten atempts at it this morning!
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