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Boiling water when travelling

I wonder if anyone can help. We are looking to travel with baby soon and I have been racking my brain for an appliance that I can take with me to boil water for the baby ! I thought of a kettle but I was looking for something that could be cleaner. We live in Portugal so have to use bottle water and I don't fancy trusting hotel staff, I would like to boil my own.
I may sound stupid but does anyone know of anything I could use
Ta lots


  • some formula comes in ready made cartons so yu dont have to do anything to it just open and pour also you can buy steri bottles that are pre sterilised and you throw away after use hope this helps
  • why would a kettle not be clean? what do you boil water with at home?
  • Thanks for the info. Its just with a kettle you get limescale, my kettle is full of it at the moment ! I may just buy a small travel kettle just for baby water. I will lso look into the other things you mentioned. Thanks lots
  • A kettle only gets limescale if you're in a hard water area. Plus it takes awhile for the limescale to build up. If you're only going on vacation for a couple of weeks, the limescale won't really have time to build up. If you get a kettle with a mesh filter, the deposits won't be able to get into the bottle.
    For your kettle at home, pour some vinegar into it, bring to a boil and turn off immedietely. Let it sit for about an hour. Drain and rinse. If the limescale is still bad, repeat. Rinse well and boil clean water in it a couple of time to make sure all vinegar residue is gone. Much safer for the baby than chemical descalers.
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