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I know your Evie is slightly older than Charlotte (she's 13 months) and I know Evie is walking.
Charlotte will stand by herself by pulling herself up on furniture but wont cruise or try and walk. I've got a push along which I try to stand her up against which she will do sometimes or otherwise she plops down and then refuses to stand again (stubborn)!

How did you get Evie to walk or did you just leave her to it. Everyone (inc hv) keeps saying she'll do it when she's ready and that I should just leave her to it. I thought she would want to walk a bit now as she's been standing for a few weeks.

What do you suggest (+ anyone else that reads feel free to add suggestions)!!

Thanks xx


  • hrmmm.. it's a tricky one because evie has always been a little quicker than the average, and i was actually shocked when she started standing at 10months and walking at 11!

    You've got the right idea by getting her the push along toy as if you perhaps keep standing her up against it if she can hold on for a while she will strengnthen her legs gradually, same goes for the setee/table, anything you could stand her next to so she can hold on. I think it's more about building her up to walking and helping her, as your right, she will do it in her own good time. Perhaps when she's standing against the setee for example, put one of her toys just a step or two out of reach on the setee next to her, it may encourage her to shuffle a bit or take a step to reach it?

    To be honest i long for the days before evie could walk as it's SO tiring!! lol.

  • Thanks for your reply Linzi

    I think Charlotte does like to take her time with things. She commando crawled at 8 months then didn't crawl on all 4 until 11 months! I think i'll do as you suggest and then let nature take it's course. She's a very strong willed young lady and doesn't like to be pushed too much! plus I don't want to put her off.
  • Kelsie started holding onto things and taking a few steps at a young age too, and I was always thinking she's never gonna walk. Then one day in the kitchen (she was helping with the washing :lolimage she took 6 unaided steps. I shouted though for Dave t come through and she then took a further 11 by herself. Some babies just go from what your Charlottes doing, to walking, literally overnight! She'll get the hang of it soon honey.

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