What does your lo have?

Hello, my lo is 9 months on Saturday and I am really struggling with feeding her, she refuses point blank to eat any of my food ( I can cook honest), I have tried millions of times but she is just not interested. So, I have to give her jars of food - except breakfast as she has weetabix. I would be really interested to know what everyone else gives their little ones as I dont want her to get bored of having the same kinds of food.


  • if you feed her straight from the jar you could try fooling her by cooking something yourself and serving it in one of the jars if you keep one and wash it out?
  • Im having the same sort of problem but with fruit. Joshua is 1 yrs old on wednesday and he wont hold any fruit or even eat lumpy mashed up fruit but he will eat hipp organic fruit purees. Ive tried every fruit but he just pushes it out of my hands.

    Maybe i could keep a hipp organic pot, add my own fruit puree and gradually increase the consistency...does anybody think this will work?

    Sorry to gatecrash your post...ill let you know if it will work and maybe you could try it at dinner time xxx
  • Kara is 8 months and at the start of weaing I gave her some homemade veg and she like them. I then tried a few jars which she ate for a while and then she suddenly went off the ones with the vegetables in them (any orange colour ones). So I went back onto the homemade veg and gradually introduced them again and she was great and this past week she has ate carrots butternut squash, broccoli and tomorrow she is having beans. Hopefully they will go down well as well. I have also made broccoli and cauliflower and this is frozen for during the week. I think she found the jars too bland. I still give her a few of the tins from Heinz when I am out as she doesn't like the Hipp Organic ones very much anymore. She even went off the fruit purees so I have started to give her cooked apple and mashed banana and she loves these. Going to give her more fruit this week as well and see how she does.

    I give these vegetables with mash potatoes and gravy which Kara loves. Although it is potatoes near enough every day I do change the veg so she has a different taste. Her lunch is always different. For lunch I giver her custard maybe with a mashed banana, toast and scrambled/boiled egg, rice pudding (heinz tin), egg custard and rice (heinz tin) or banana custard bought in a tub and whatever else I can think of. Usually whatever I give her is followed by some fruit or a petite filous.

    Sorry for rambling on a bit but I thought I would give you an idea what I give Kara. There is nothing fancy in it as both me and my husband are not big eaters so we wouldn't be making fancy meals all the time. As long as she enjoys what she gets thats the main thing.

  • I give my son mashed sweet potatoe with butternut squash and carrots brocoli and cauliflour mashed with cheese sauce,and for desert apple, pear and apricots cooked and mashed up, my son loves it all, just keep trying if you persevere your lo will have no choice but to eat what you give good luck image
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