Girlies - Need your advice :D ou know Kelsie is 16 months & Jack is 13 weeks tomorrow, so they're still incredibly young. Dave has just lost his job eeeekkkkkkkk, but we're ok managing on savings until something comes up.

Heres the problem. I got in touch with an old work mate where I used to wrkd over 4 years ago, It was at a care home and I absolutly loved it there. Was so happy, It wasn't work for me, as it was so enjoyable. The money was ok. Was speaking to her for ages the other night and I said about getting a job etc soon ish due to Dave. Basically got talking about old times again and said how much I'd love to go back one day. Got a message just know saying she has spoken to manager and basically my old jobs is back if I want it, hours to suit me, she said we could 'work round any problems'

3 things that concern me.

1. Do i REALLY want to go back to work? Miss out a few things with the kids. Although I could go back on nights so wouldn't miss to much anyway.

2. I was kinda bad :lol: and before I met Dave was seeing a male carer there. Nothing serious happened :roll: just a few little things here and there on breaks etc. He's now single and although I've never cheated on Dave, I don't know how I would feel working with him again knowing what happened. Even if I was tempted I wouldn't do anything as I love Dave to pieces and have been faithful to him since our realtionship started.

3. This could be our only chance at getting a job in the near future. Should we hang on in there and ride it out.

The care home is 1 mile away from the nearest train station and I dont drive, but I think I could get a taxi. But the train station is un-manned so I would be alone if taxi was late etc (woods are behind and I'm paranoid :lolimage

Someone help me sort my head out! I don't know what the hell I want to do!!

Thanks guys.


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  • Cos the carer is a bad boy and I know he'd try it on again!! I'd say no of course but the sexual tension as I left was incredible. He knows all about it yeah and says he trusts me.

  • I would go for it. There arent many oppurtunites out there at the moment. Even if its just short term/part time until Dave gets sorted. I know what you mean about leaving the kids. Im dreading leaving Frankie at 6 months but i have no choice but to go back full time.

    As for the being alone at night is there not someone you could get a lift with? Maybe if you did days but did part time or 3 longer days and had 4 off.
  • I agree, i would be going for it too. Sounds like too good of an opportunity to turn down x
  • Well I'd go for it-
    I'm sure you could get around the niggles and at least you've got a foot in the job market should your oh struggle to find anything else.
    Well done too -it shows how much they value you x
  • As for the being alone at night is there not someone you could get a lift with? Maybe if you did days but did part time or 3 longer days and had 4 off.

    None of the carers come from where I do image They all live local to the home, whereas I live 15 miles away.

  • Definitley go for it. I work in financial services and there really are people losing jobs everyday an unable to get another so take the chance while you can.

    I have worked since having Lauren (12) and went back after maternity leave when Nathan was 6mths. I can honestly say I dont feel like I have missed out on a single thing with either of them. The only difficulty is when they become ill and you have to take time off, your pulled in 2 directions and its horrid having to decide how to prioritise and if you lo is ill enough to justify a day off work.

    As for the other carerer, if you feel strong enough to resist temptation then dont let it put you off, if your unsure I wouldnt risk it.

    I understand what your saying about the mile to work from the station but how desolate is it. I work just over 1 mile away from home and walk it each day - have lost loads of weight doing it too!!!

  • Morning Garfield. Sorry to hear Dave has lost his job.
    Firstly, what is your conscience telling you?

    I always think, once you are happy with your relationship you stop looking elsewhere. Put the past behind and try not to let this guy get in the way. If you do work there and he tries anything on just think of your man and your girl and dont even attempt to flirt with him.

    you say your not sure about going back into working again. Why not ask if you can do some bank shifts to slowly get back into it and see how you go. That way you are contracted to work. Also hen you start of doing bank and you book yourself in for more shifts, you could work it so your not working with the male carer.

    Guess you need to weigh up the expense of traveling there and how much you earn and work out if its worth going back to work. You could always do a couple of night shifts or w/e shifts on bank as they usually pay more. xxx
  • MumDonna - Very desolate, it would be impossible to walk due to being a main road, plus when you turn off its a country lane. Just not safe. Would definalty not walk it during day, let alone night!

    Joey - I don't know! This is what I can't decide! I honestly have no idea. Good idea on bank work though. Just trial run to see how I get on, how 'carer' is, do I miss kids etc. Hmmmmm. The mind ponders!!

    Thankies girlies image

  • I think if your not sure and your thinking yep the money would be handy but i not sure if i wona go back to work. I would suggest just try a couple of shifts bank work. You can always turn around and say nah, I love my full time job as a mummy. But one shift like a night shift where you earn more might be that lil bit usful at the present moment? xxx
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