just wondering how JJ is today??? I was thinking bout him last night as I know how horrible it was whenEvan had gastro - its awful! and your hubby?



  • hey thanks for asking, JJ was doing great til about half an hour ago when he threw up everything he'd had today so i'm just about ready to break down and cry, he's refusing his dioralyte completely today so i just don't know what to do with him! sean has gone back to work today, he said he felt awful this morning but he's just text to say he's feeling better so hopefully he's on the mend! i just feel like giving up right now, i was gunna phone the GP for some advice but there's nothing they can really do apart from tell me to keep giving him fluids, unless he becomes dehydrated but i'm still getting wet nappies so it's not gone that far yet...i'm so worried about him :cry: x
  • aww hun I really feel for you its so hard - will he take water?? as its better than nothing just little sips, and keep offering him feeds. Just press gently on the heel of his foot and count how many seconds it takes for the colour to come back - not to hard though anything under 6 is ok, anything over that then ring nhs direct

  • i'm syringing water into him, gave him 10mls a few mins ago, he hates it but i have no other option! x
  • Poor JJ, hope he's better soon. Once he starts rehydrating he'll be able to keep more and more down so once you've managed to get a bit more water in him try a wee bit of milk again. Good luck, hope he has a good night. S x
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