Pushchair/pram advice for nearly 8 months old

So you ladies always give good advice and I'm a bit stuck at the minute.
Alf is 8 months on the 17th and we are having issues with the silly (& expensive) travel system we bought before he was bron. It came with a car seat which we still use and can go onto the pushchair frame which is fine. Now I'm using the pushchair/pram bit on the frame which is ok too (have him facing me at the minute). BUT it's just too bloomin' big and bulky. Went to Toyr R Us this week and it took me longer to get it all out of the car, put together (as you have to take the wheels off to get it in my little boot!) and him in it and then all away gain than the time we spent in the shop!!!
So what age can they go in the cheaper, fold up prams/puschairs (can you tell I have no idea the difference between them?)? And then if 8 months would be ok can you reccomend (sorry sp!) any ones that are fairly cheap as I'll have to get it out of my final wage packet which will be pretty flimsey!!
Thanks in advance x


  • i have a Maclaren Ryder. Tyler is 8 months and he goes in it fine. I first put him in it at 6 months.


    I paid ??99.99 for mine but ebay is always worth a browse. I bought my chicco off of ebay. xx

    Have heard the petite star is a good one to get. xx
  • Thanks babe I just have no idea about what age they can be in a pushchair! So it's good to know if Tyler's in one Alf should be ok. Will have a look at the Maclaren and the petite star. No idea how to use Ebay but really should! Thank you x
  • they can be in one from birth as long as it reclines!! We have a Graco mirage pushchair (it is a travel system too but not one of those bulky things with the frame and seperate seat as you describe) and I LOVE it, so underrated, was the best ??120 (that was including car seat) I ever spent. I used it from birth and am still using it now at 10 months. It fits in the boot of our fiesta and my Oh's Capri. The only downside is that it doesn't face you....
  • Ooooh Tiger Lily that sounds grand! I wish we had had people to ask before we were pregnant and it would have stopped us wasting money we didn't have!
    Having said that I love the Quinny Buzz 3 wheely thing we've got it's just soooo flippin' bulky and big. Was good at the beginning as we had a c-secton and its light to push. Anyway thanks ladies! x
  • just looked at your previous topics by accident and saw this - we bought Louise a maclaren quest - paid ??85 as it was on sale in mothercare and had a ??5 voucher withour last mothercare card statement.

    It's sooo light, easy to put up and down, takes up very little space in the boot. My mum and nan love how easy it is to push too! lol
  • Thanks ladies we had a little look on Monday and I did a bit more research on the tinternet at the weekend. Think it'll be Mothercare or Toys R Us as we have vouchers.
    Loopy Loo and ILoveMyGeek we tried Alf in the Maclarens and he seemed to like them so might be heading in that direction.
    kelly149 think my little Alfie would love a pram named after him!!
    Thanks again ladies will post a piccie of him in his groovy new pram when (and if we get one-that's a different story!). xx
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