millies sitting :)

i went to baby group last week and sat millie up ( shes been sitting up for a few mins since 4 months but would then fall forward) but she sat up then she leaned forward but then sat herself back up again on her own! she sat for over 30 mins! i couldnt belive it when the day before she couldnt do it! seemed to just happen over night! shes 5 and a half months now and sits leans and grabs her toys then sits back upright again. i still put some cushions around her just incase she falls to the side. she wont fall forward anymore she has even got into crawling position but then fell onto her tummy hehe. shes still just shuflfing but seems to be going more backwards then forwards! cant believe how quick they learn stuff and change and grow! x x


  • bless! well done Millie!

    It is amazing when they can suddenly do something new.
  • david can sit but only for about 20 seconds without flopping lol, he shuffles but only on his back, he can sit up from lying down but isnt very stable doing it. lol
  • Ooooh, clever girl! Well done Millie. xxx
  • That's great news! Gabe sat for the first time at baby group too, I think they like showing off lol. He was 8 months though lol
  • Archie does this but so far as soon as he reaches for anything he falls over. Don''t think it will be long before he's sitting properly though. S x
  • Go Millie!! She is doing so well hun!!

    Amber did that too, went forward and straightened herself up I was so excited!! Makes them look so grown up. She managed a few mins then flopped bless her image

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