Nicknames for LO's

Does anyone have a pet name for their little ones? Or OH?

Kelsie's middle name is Poppy but we always call her Pops. I always call Dave, hon or honey. Hardly ever call him Dave only when I talk about him!!

Just wondered what everyone elses were!!



  • MAXIMUS i know its daft cos his name is max, and louie louie for lewis, none for jack though lol
  • We havent got one for Jack yet either!! Called him snack-a-Jack :lol: but doesnt sound right!!


  • I always call Ellie, Ellie Manellie Manoo and lately its just Manoo. WTF??? lol
  • Aoife is Munchkin or Mrs Stinkbum when she's done a poo! Eric calls her Musha Wusha - no idea where that came from!

    LOL garfield - I never call Eric by his name either unless I am talking about or I'm really angry with him!!! image
  • Jensen gets JJ, monkeynut, frog boy, ferret boy, stinky, little man and 'im (him)...don't ask lol!

    I just call sean 'boy' lol! x
  • I call my little one cookie. or cookie pie. Sounds kind of stupid and i've no idea why i do it, but it's stuck now!
    Will have to stop before he's old enough to be embarrassed by it!
  • Lol, these are kinda funny.
    We call lo chinese because she looks like a chinese baby, cute eyes and tiny nose, better stop calling her that though, lol. we also call her princess and baby.
    Garfield, i also never call hubby by name and call him baby/babe, even when i'm angry, lol. funny thing is when i'm calling Amara 'baby' hubby responds to it, lol. should stop calling amara 'baby' as i have been calling hubby baby for 8yrs and its like his name now, lol.
  • Call lo bubs or bubba or shuugs, pud as in pudding, sweet pea, little man oh calls him mate-not sure about that?
    Oh is always, like Garfield and fatema said, babe, love, sweetheart always feels weird if I call him by his name and the same if he calls me by mine-feel like I'm in bother if he does!!
  • Hugo atm is Hoogly-Boogly.

    My OH calls him 'naked fart' in swedish when he is doing a nappy change :P:P

    I also call him Lil Monkey :P

    I call my other half Love, or Baby, though now he wants me to stop calling him baby, as I call our lil Hugo baby as well, and OH gets confused sometimes :P
  • LOl, L like this....

    I call Jake Jakey Moo, Little Moodyor Mini Dean (cos he is just like his Daddy) and OH calls him mate, actually i do too sometimes.
  • I call my little man dinky doughnut or dink, as everyone said hed be a tiddler- well he was 7 11 so not small lol.. also dj (david john)
    the oh gets called oi or kevin lol... hes got some good ones for me though... chicken pie or his 'juniper berry?????'
  • My lo is called Francesca but is always called Frankie. We also call her the frankster. I call her grumbalina when shes being grumpy and grumbling to herself. Shes stinky mcstink stink when shes smelly. She also gets all the typical girlie nicknames like little princess too

    I call Andy honey most of the time or just And.
  • Maddi is usually called Maddi moo or Mad Maddi and Ollie is normally called Rudy do or sexy pants
  • Lennon usually gets called boyz or punk at the moment,boyz because we support celtic and thats what the team get called but my sister calls him lenster loo lol my hubby goes mad

    as for him in doors well mostly daddy or a few choice ones when hes bad lol

    he has 2 nicknames anyway which everyone calls him either stretch or firdge one childhood and one army

    mine is my username but only family call me that
  • Lily's middle name is bella so we call her belly sumtimes, poo face, princess, chicka, honey, pickle, beautiful and some others i'm sure.

    I call oh babe or darlin or bumface (i don't no y) we never call each other by our names either
  • When Max was tiny (he was only 5lb6 when born) we called him Rinky Dinky cos he was so dinky - that stuck for a long time then became rink-e-le-dinks but now he is generally Max. My hubbie is called Tuti by me most of the time!
  • We used to call Evie Took or Tookie (from Lord of the Rings) cuz she was small like them. We call Kyra loads of weird names which I won't repeat because you'll think we're loonies!! lol.
  • Garfield - our lo is Poppy and we call her Pops too!!
    We also call her Tombliboo and munchkin cos she's tiny!
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