Dummy sizes

My LO occasionally uses a dummy, it's one that I got free with my TT steriliser kit but believe it's for age 0-3 months.

He's 3 months now and I wonder do I need to buy him the next size up? And can't help but think why? Does the size of the dummy teat increase or something?

Sorry if I sound thick, I just don't get it and would appreciate any advice, thanks xx


  • hia my dd is 5 months old and still uing 0-3 month size. i bought her the 3-6 month ones and she will not use then-they look massive lol
  • How often should you change dummies? Toby is still using the 3-6 month sizes and gets on fine with them (he's uses for naps and bedtime unless he's already sparko!!!). I just suddenly thought he's had them a while!!! They are sterilised regularly of course...
    I am trying to wean him off them (with not much luck) and hate to spend another twenty quid or so on them! (we have to send 2 to nursery, we have 2 in the change bag for emergencies and then he has about 6 in his bedroom as they always end up on the floor!!!)

  • Thanks, that's really useful to know x
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