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Boobs refilling (also in b/f support)

Does anyone know how long it takes for your boobs to refill after a feed? Or expressing?

I'm trying lots of different things with ds and today's theme is letting him set the frequency of feeds and he has decided on 2 hourly.

I want to express some milk as I like to give a bottle at night rather than bf - but am concerned that if I feed from one side and express from the other, they won't have "refilled" in 2 hours.

Does anyone know how long it takes ?



  • It doesn't really work like that as such. You boobs are up to 72hrs behind your baby feeding/ expressing. So although you may feel 'empty' there will always be milk there for baby, although you might not get as much expressing as baby is more effective.

  • Oh - I didn't realise that - so I can't run out of milk is that right ? For example:

    If I feed from one side at 3pm and express from the other, would there then be enough milk for baby to feed again at 5pm? And then feed from one side and express from the other again at 7pm ???
  • Yep, although in a couple of days you might get the old barbie boob look if LO feeds less or you dont express!
  • Excellent - that makes me feel so much better about feeding on demand - I was so worried that I was going to run out of milk !

    K x
  • Hehe - I replied on bf but dinks has said it all! image
  • My mw said don't think of it like a tank on your back that runs out but more like a dripping tap- there will always be some there!

    Just remember if your lo is having a growth spurt and feeding more you will need to eat more/ drink plenty and rest so as to help your body along.
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