variflow teats question

DD 10 weeks has been fussy feeding for past 3 wks, being treated for mild suspected silent reflux and also she's falling asleep now halfway thru at least 2 bottles a day partic 10pm feed since she started sleeping better at nights (will not dreamfeed no matter what I try lol!) - wondered about variflow teats, she's on Dr Browns bottles but I have discovered that Boots own brand variflow fit the bottles perfectly (Dr Browns don't do variflow and their Level 3 which is one step up for her just choke her - think she needs a 2,5!) - I see variflow does 3 settings and you twist the bottle to control - does that mean Level 1 is quite slow, Level 2 medium and Level 3 fast or is even Level 1 on a variflow quite fast?
If I make sense at all!



  • Hi Hun image. I tried avert variflow & they drowned LO! But they are meant to be for thicker liquids like, comfort formula etc. The boots ones maybe diff. I know the TT variflow are from birth! We're back On TT bottles now & feeding loads better. Buy a pack & see how u get on. Sorry I'm not much help! Lol xxx
  • worth a go but for us variflow drowned LO maybe try the next size up first x
  • we have used variflow TT teats from about 10weeks as my LO was such a slow feeder, they took him a few feeds to get used to but he soon got the hang of it as he was used to number 1 teats and had been sucking soooo hard but with variflow they dont have to suck so hard and they can control the flow of milk. He still uses variflow now at 9 1/2 months and they are brill,
    hth x
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