Amber teething beads

Hi, has anyone used amber teething beads? And if so were they helpful to your lo? Also can you tell me if they need to be cleansed and if so how often. I am asking as some friends have recommended them to me but when I spoke to another friend who iworks in holistic treatments said that Amber needs to be cleansed. I have looked on the internet and found loads of info about the beads but nothing about cleansing them.
Thanks for your help.


  • Hi - I got an amber teething necklace but after 5 days or so noticed no difference and my LO hasn't worn it since. Having said that, I do know others who have noticed a dramatic difference after a couple of days, cheeks back to a normal colour, less dribble etc. I think it def works for some babies but I guess not all - you can only try and see.

    re cleaning - I think just a good rinse in clean water every now and then should be fine.

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  • I did a crystal therapy course a few years ago and to cleanse crystals you rinse them in water and leave in sunshine/moonlight
  • for us it was a godsend, we went from screaming and drooling all day every day to the odd grumble, it did take over a week to make a difference though and if he hasnt worn it you can tell, i dont cleanse mine, didnt know i should?
  • Like Charlotte, we bought these and after a week or just took them off as there was no difference. I think some babies will respond to them and others won't.

  • We've got some, i don't know if they really work or not yet as she has no teeth but I figured that they don't do any harm. They do say that they work over time so they need to be worn for a while before you notice any difference.

    I didn't know that they needed to be cleansed either? May do that later.
  • La-La, how are you and Lo? Havent heard from you for ages.

    Back to the question - we've just got some for LO (yesterday) as have heard very good things. Was too scared for him to wear them overnight but he's had it on today and much less drool than normal so far. I have high hopes........
  • if LO is wearing a babygrow for bed we put it round his ankle, if not we leave it off x
  • We've had one for our LO for about 2 months and I have to says its been great. Less dribble, less screaming, fewer little red cheeks. We leave ours on day and night.

    One thing to remember is that chemicals such as baby oil and shampoo/soap coat the amber so it doesn't get into the skin so well, so if you use products in the bath etc take it off.

  • I have one for my son (8mo) - Im undecided as to whether it helps or not but rather keep it on just in case! Plus he looks pretty groovy in it and we get so many comments on it.
    I have his on all the time, including sleep time. Even though not recommended, he has never pulled at it and I always tuck it in under his vest beneath his clothing (it's supposed to be against their skin anyway in order to work). His is also double knotted around each individual bead for extra safety. It's recommended not to get them wet (ie during bath time) as it can weaken the string, but of course the occasional cleansing is ok - juste leave them out to dry properly.

  • Hi Girls,
    Well thanks for all your replies.
    Peeptoe, I had a look at your thread it was really helpful.
    Well I decided to buy a necklace and Scarlett has been wearing it for 24 hours now. So far so good, she seems to be less drooly, although she is still dribbling and last night she didn't wake and need to have teething gel put on, so I'm guessing the beads are starting to make a difference, but it is early days at the moment. So fingers crossed they will continue to help.
    I decided to put the necklace round her ankle last night as wasn't feeling brave enough to leave it round her neck.
    Chubs!! Hi hunnie, I know I have been awful lately for posting on here but will do an update for you in BIM. so as not to bore evryone here.

    Thanks again girls, will keep you posted.
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