I think Rose may have Colic. It seems only in the evening after 6pm she does this scream like cry? and then cries and cries and it takes us ages to settle her. She goes all red in the face bless her and just looks like she has wind. I am breast feeding I have no idea if this is actually colic or not has anybody else had the same problem?

K xx


  • Sounds like it could be colic hun. Bethany never had this so for her wind we used infacol and gripe water but i have heard colief is great. Try laying her across your knees on her tummy to shift some wind, it may help and did relieve Bethanys sometimes.

    Hope this helps xx
  • they sometimes pull there knees up to there chest as well when its colic,sometimes a warm bath also helps and tummy rubs,laying baby on your chest so they get the warmth from you,daniel suffered from colic and i used dentinox colic drops which helps but the big thing that used to settle him was his bouncy chair with the vibration on,he was in his chair 24/7 for his first few months

  • Thank you so much for your feedback, she does pull her little knees up to her chest. I will try her in her bouncy chair as ours has a vibration thing on it so this may help.

    I will see how she goes if that does not help might have to get something for her.

    K xx
  • Oh I feel your pain.

    When my lo was colicky the only think that settled him was good walk in the sling. It was winter time and I think the fresh air and the dark evenings did him good. But hubby would strap him on and walk for an hour or so, always did the trick.

    When he was older we used massage and gripe water for the wind and that made a huge difference too.

    Good luck, S x
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