My little Alyssa is 6 weeks old and will not sleep without having her arms swaddled by her side if i put her in her grobags or under sheets she flings her arms around and wakes herself up every 20 minutes or so and i am so exhausted with having to go to her and settle her all the time, all the books i read tell me i shouldnt be swaddling her at this stage but if i do she sleeps so peacefully and for such a long period.

What are your thought on swaddling i don't know what to do for the best??

Thanks Clair xx


  • I swaddle my daughter for daytime naps or if she needs help to settle at night and she's 6 months old! I'll continue to do so for as long as she wants me to - I know of people who have done it for much longer so personally I wouldn't worry x
  • We still swaddle at 23 weeks! We have started to stop at night (swaddled for 7pm sleep but unswaddled after 10pm feed) as it was starting to annoy her in the middle of the night. But whenever we try for naps she seriously freaks out so we are going to do it longer for naps.

    My sis swaddled her lo until 9 months.
  • I swaddled my oldest for ages, way past 6 weeks. He was the same, he wouldnt stop moving long enough to fall asleep. I think you should go with what works for you

    Gemm x
  • hi

    am thinking of going back to swaddling as tyler spends all night thrashing around.

    i think your bubs will let you know when they are fed up with it.

  • We swaddled our little one till he was nearly 7 months! He would always fidgit and couldn't sleep without being swaddled. He tried to stop on several occasions as everyone told us we shouldn't keep swaddling him but he'd freak out and none of us would get any rest. We finally stopped when he began to fight us when swaddling him an when he could wriggle out of it! Thankfully he took to the new way of sleeping really quickly (about 2days) and we've not looked back. If it's not broken don't fix it!! x
  • I am a massive fan of swaddling! I swaddled ds (now 7 months) until 2 days ago. He has been in a gro bag at night since about 4 months but still loved his swaddle during the day. The only reason I have had to stop is because he is now rolling in his swaddle (has rolled for ages but never tried it while swaddles). Unfortunateky he gets stuck and cant roll back with his arms tucked in. I am now struggling to get him to sleep without it but hopefully we will get there in the end.

    I would go for it and bub will tell you when they've had enough!
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