Does anyone else use this milk? can you tell me how your babies get on with it. My boys (17 weeks 8 weeks corrected) have been on it a week, we not sure if they have a lactose or allergy problem, they were just not settling after feeds and when awake cry loads. They have 4 bottles a day and we make up 5oz sometimes they drink it all sometimes only 3oz. We have tried it and it tastes disgusting compared to the Aptamil they were on. Going to use it a little longer somedays they have been Ok on it other days they still cry lots. Not sure if they cry because each other crying or if it was due to their feeds. Just that when we give it its as if they dont like it and just chew it maybe that they due to wean shortly. Just wondered how other babies got on with it.


  • My LO david has been on it since 6 weeks also, he is now 17 weeks and a different child, he was bleeding from his bottom so they diagnosed milk protein intolerance, he doesnt eat as much as he did aptamil but is growing just as well, some days he will only have 20 ounces and still seems to be following the 50th centile line, he NEVER cries now, unless he is over tired, always smiling and giggling, poos are smelly admitidly but no blood and no colic ever since image
    Look on the mead johnson website and they have a contact line, maybe they can advise you?
  • Justin was on it as he was milk protein intolerant but it done nothing to help him, in the end he was put on neocate which worked a dream but when justin was little you could only get it from a dietition and they liked to try everything else first as it was ??23 for a 400g tin, this was the price 6 years ago when he started on it x
  • HI

    my lo has been on this since 16wks when diagnosed milk protein allergic and lactose intolerant - took a long time to take to it in the end i just stopped everything else and she was fine. All symptoms: excema, reflux and stomach cramps and upset all disappeared within days. She has been so much healthier and I'm now having trouble weaning her off it - (she's 25 mths now but stayed on formula due to her restricted diet) she now thinks milk is supposed to taste like that!

    Good luck
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