hi girls, would 35.5 be normal or a bit low?

What does a low temperature mean?


  • It really depends on what your lo's usual temperature is - I know that is not much help but everyones temp is a bit different normally anyway!
  • Ah i didn't know that! thanks though craftycharli! she's perked up loads now anyway i think it just must have been a slow start to the morning as she wouldnt let go of either me or her daddy and wasn't herself.... but half an hour on and she's back to normal!
  • It is worht just taking her temp a few times when she is fine just to get an idea of what her 'normal' is then you will know in future - I didn't know this either but was told by doc when max was ill over Christmas! I now know his normal is only about 36 (not the 37 we are all told)!
    Glad she's perked up anyway!
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