To clear things up and if need be apologise....

Regarding Miss Kayz, I just want to say I was NOT implying Karen was a lier in what she was saying I was actually referring to the other person - the one who approached her on FB

I am as gobsmacked by the revelations as most of you (though I've since read that some of what she has written is partly true, so now I'm even more confused), all I was trying to do was 'sit on the fence' and say 'what if.....?' I was not suggesting, implying anything about members of this forum,,,,,

Sorry for causing any offence


  • Hun i think this has all got totally confused it was Karen that messaged me, i didnt know at the time that she was on BE, i am Sarah!!

    I think this poor girl has got some issues and just needs some help!!

    Karen and I and an awful lot of people so it seems have all been duped by her to whatever extent and given Karens circumstances i feel dreadfully sorry for the pain that this young silly girl has caused her!!
  • I'm now even more confused, nevermind.....
  • MrsT

    I am the person that initially contacted everyone on Facebook, including Sarah as she confirms above. It was me that alerted everyone to the lies that Kaylie had told me about being in St Georges in London, so in short, I am the 'other person' that you refer to.

    That is why I replied about not being a liar on the main post.

    I hope you now realise that I was telling the truth and I hope this has cleared up your confusion.

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