Meal Planning bump for more ideas

got 2 weeks worth now - any other ideas ladies and i will post final [planner x

Does anyone have a meal planner that they have made to save me time???? Toby is blw so it would be adult meals.

I go back to work 50 hours a week in october (only 22 at the moment) and know i need to be mega organised. I want a 4 week rolling rota so if any one just has one week that would be fab.

I am thinking

Monday - spag bol

Tuesday - blah blah blah (tasty)

If you get my drift

Thanks in advance x

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  • I'll pop ours up later for you hun, meeting a friend for coffee so I don't fall asleep

    Much love to you and Toby

  • thanks hun - how are you feeling today? x
  • Can't help sorry...but wanted to say.. 50 hours a week??? Blooming nora, I did 37 before having elliott and that knackered me out lol! Hope it goes well for you! Xx
  • Oh God this is so embarrassing but ours is (dinners only):

    Sunday - I always do a big meal, either a roast or lamb chops or something with a combo broccoli/cauliflower cheese and loads and loads of roast veges that can be reheated for lunches for the next couple of days.

    Monday - a chicken curry of some description (I make an indian version, a thai green version or a malaysian one) with rice

    Tuesday - either chicken drumsticks or lamb chops with any remaining roast veges, which I reheat, dice and toss through couscous with some feta. Cheap but yummy!

    Wednesday - varies as my MIL usually gives us one meal a week (ie meat for the freezer or a lasagne or something). Otherwise I serve a fish dish as we don't otherwise eat much fish for dinner.

    Thursday - pasta night. Either spag bol or just some tuna tossed with penne and pesto. Sometimes I do carbonara. Usually do a salad or something on the side for some green.

    Friday - either homemade pizzas (I use pita bread and just throw on some pizza sauce with ham, capsicum and cheese then grill for 10 mins) or a takeaway.

    Saturday - either a chicken or beef stirfry; or beef schnitzel with vegetables.

    My LO is called Toby as well and we also do BLW so I always make enough for him and I to eat the following day(s) for lunch! He especially likes the Thai green curry atm!

    Happy to share any recipes image

    C xo
  • thats fab charlotte thankyou - how old is your toby? also being really cheeky but do you have the curry recipes as i would love to try these with Tobes too - i love the idea of pasta night etc as you can just change which pasta. MMM lots of ideas x
  • Hi Ladies,
    Gatecrashing your post a little, sorry Summer! But I made a curry the other day and was tempted to reduce the curry paste quantity and let my daughter try some (Also BLW - 3 weeks in), but then I changed my mind as was a bit worried about the spice.
    Do you guys give your LOs spicy(ish) foods and are their tums ok with it?
  • Hi Ladies,
    Gatecrashing your post a little, sorry Summer! But I made a curry the other day and was tempted to reduce the curry paste quantity and let my daughter try some (Also BLW - 3 weeks in), but then I changed my mind as was a bit worried about the spice.
    Do you guys give your LOs spicy(ish) foods and are their tums ok with it?
  • Im back!!!! Im ok just tired my little man is both teething and has the dreaded man flu! He woke every hour last night sneezed, coughed, cried a little then the little angel self settled but by doing all this woke me and hubby each hour too we just felt awful for him :\( treatment effects usually kick in at the weekend with Sunday being the worst. Hows Tobes? His chest any better?

    Saturday- Chicken with brocolli, carrots and sweet potatoes

    Sunday- Roast with a mixture of veg and sometimes yorkie puds image

    Monday- Pasta with a homemade sauce (veg with meat from roast)

    Tuesday- Homemade meatballs in tomato sauce with spagetti

    Wednesday- Fish (usually salmon or mackerel) with new potatoes, spinach and carrots

    Thursday- Homemade curry- Dylan used to hate spicy food, however we went out for a mexican and he wolfed salsa so I started him on korma and was very careful with amount of paste, I use the pastes and add baby stock then creme fraice, with a green pepper, onion and petis pois with whatever meat you fancy. Last friday I did a balti instead again using the pastes and baby stock with a green pepper a tonne of tomatoes and some coriander. I serve both with rice for him. (I then just season mine and hubbys)

    Friday- Cottage pie with broccoli, carrots and spinach

  • Hi Summer - not cheeky at all image

    My Toby is 7.5 months (already!!) and I find he likes food with strong flavours more than bland ones. The green curry I make is a bit spicy but he really loves to suck the sauce off the chicken and veges!

    Anyhoo, recipes are:

    Indian chicken curry - saute an onion and some garlic in a pan with a decent amount of butter. Add diced chicken (or chicken strips to make more LO friendly!). In a small bowl mix together one teaspoon of each of the following spices: turmeric, ground cinnamon, chili powder (add more or less of this to match your taste for spicy food, 1tsp will make it mediumish) and ground ginger. Sprinkle this over the chicken in the pan and mix well so that the chicken is covered and goes golden/brown. Leave all this to cook on a med-low heat so that the chicken stays tender. While that's cooking mix 2 tablespoons of tomato paste with some cream (I do it by sight till it's a pale pink and quite runny - prob about 1.5-2 cups?). Add to the chicken once it's nearly cooked through. Cover and simmer for 10-12 mins (or until you're ready to serve), stirring occasionally. The amounts in this recipe are based on you using 2 chicken breasts (diced) so adjust to make more/less.

    The Thai one is:

    Heat 2 teaspoons of oil in a pan. Add a diced onion and some green curry paste (40g per 300g of chicken), stirfry for 2 mins. Add diced chicken and whatever veges you want to add (I find that sliced green & red capsicum and frozen green beans work best but you can use anything really). Keep cooking for another 5 mins, stirring occasionally. Then add half a cup of coconut cream (obviously more/less depending on how much chicken you're cooking) and continue to simmer until chicken is cooked through or until you're ready to serve.

    The thai one can also be used with beef, pork, lamb or seafood (prawns could be good) but I've only tried it with chicken so far (too yummy to change it!) . Here in NZ you can get a special thai kaffir lime curry paste but I'm sure just plain green curry paste will be just as tasty.

    The malaysian one I'm still tweaking but will let you know if I hit upon a good recipe!! Still in trial and error phase at the moment (according to DH!!). I'm persevering because I love curry sauce and roti!

    Also forgot to say re the roast vege couscous salad in my previous post that before I add the boiling water to the couscous (I just use the cheapo instant stuff) I sprinkle some garlic powder and chili powder in with it for a bit of extra flavour. Yummy image

    Good luck!!

    C xo
  • Sorry MummyJackson forgot to say that my LO has had no problem with spicy food so far but to be fair he's only had it twice and he doesn't ingest that much as he's still learning to eat! I remember reading in the BLW book that spicy food is fine for them though.

    C image
  • Thanks very much Charlotteb,
    I'm gonna let her try next time I make curry then. I hope she'd like it as we eat a fair amount of spicy food. When I was preggers I added chilli flakes or jalapenos to pretty much everything I ate. And when I was breast feeding the spicy cravings continued so she must have had a bit of a 'taste' of spice already? Oh and thanks for the recipes, nice to expand my repertoire!
  • No probs - I had loads of spicy food when I was pg and BF too, so I figured Toby would be used to it image I was worried about spicy food for him at first too but then I figured that babies in cultures which eat a lot of very spicy food no doubt manage just fine, so we shouldn't be any different!

    C image
  • Charlotte - was Toby ever affected by wind when he was younger? my son had terrible trapped wind for 16wks and Im still afraid to even give him brocolli and he's 9 months. My mum did up some veges 2 months ago with brocolli and cauliflower mixed in and it was a nightmare (he didnt sleep much all night with tummy pains) still then at 7 months. Id love to try him with a mild curry though but im too scared!
  • Hi mummabear - Toby never had problems with wind, we were lucky in that respect - I know it can be awful. I didn't know broccoli was connected with wind - interestingly that is easily Toby's favourite vegetable!

    Not sure what to suggest - I guess the only way to know would be to try it but I can see why you would be hesitant!

    C image
  • Brocolli is Tobys fav too and asparagus - he would pick it over anything. The newest fav is sardines but i have to seriously hold my breath as i find it vomit inducing!
  • Haha Summer you sound like my hubby Dylan LOVES sardines he thinks there vile :lol:

    Brocolli a firm fave here too! Really any fruit or veg goes down a treat!

  • I might give curry a try when I feel brave. As for brocolli Im not going to push it, he can have other greens instead cos it aint worth the pain!

    Sardines should be left in the sea!! Not even my cat will eat them! :lol:
  • i always make sure fishy meals are eatten out so the house doesnt stink!

    I dont blame you cat MBear - i just wanted to push toby but apart from avacado and melon he loves everything. We even tried peanut butter the other day and he LOVED it x
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