she keeps getting colds??!

millie had a cold a bad one a few weeks ago and then it went then i got it and now shes got one again she seems to constantly have a stuffy nose and runny one in day! she is teething although i dont know if this has anything to do with it? also her poos r really sloopy at min but that may be cos i had to put her onto jars? x x


  • HI sounds to be like it could be teething related. My mum told me that colds and stuffy/runny noses are common when there teething. xx
  • thanks i dont know whether to take her to docs to check its not an allergy?? what do u think could it be? or do u think it is prob def teething. her 2 bottom teeth look like they r gonna cut through anytime soon! she has no other symtoms x x
  • hi, lolah is exactly the same, shes 25wks, and a few weeks she had a bad cold, and now shes really unsettled, off her milk, runny nose and keeps pulling at her ears, but ive checked her bottom gums and u can see 2little dents, so not sure if shes just teething. shes going to doctors on mon for her eczema anyway, so will prob get them to check her ears while we r there. xxx
  • yeh im going to get millies checked to just to check not an ear infecrtion although shes not been pulling or touching hers. millie is 27 weeks x
  • aww bless them, i hate it when they r poorly. lolah is chomping on everything, ive been putting a bit on bonjela on her gums before she goes to bed and she seems to settle. shes normally a really happy baby but past few days been a right grump! xxx
  • Isabella is goin through the same thng and she is teething, i give her nurofen for the pain and she seems better with it, if your worried take her the docs to be checked xx
  • My lo gets colds quite often and is really chesty with it. When he's teething he gets really bad colds, runnny poo, nappy rash that is so bad he doesnt want to sit down i have cream from the doctor for his bum and normally give him calpol or nurofen before he goes to bed with bonjella i think it helps for a bit.... its not nice to see him so ill and uncomfortable but there is nothing that can be done to stop these stages in growing up image

  • Lily always seems to have a cold but I put it down to either her teeth or bugs from nursery or bugs that I bring home from the children in my class! Hope Millie is better soon. xxx
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