im lost

hi girls,

someone has come in my house and swapped my child!

Grace used to be so good and now she is a little sod! she does nothing but shout, not in a bad way more a listen to me sort of way but god its draining.
she used to sleep thru pretty much but lately she is waking every 10 mins for her dummy then at 1am she is wide awake and i have to put her in bed with us, which i hate doing and swore i would never do but i just wont get any sleep if i dont. im just moody lately and knackered.

im worried im a bad mummy. :cry:



  • dont worry your not a bad mummy. they all go through funny patches. freya is mostly a lovely baby by day ( good job to or she would be on ebay by now!!!), but at night she turns into devil child, she will not sleep anywhere but our bed and still wakes for feeds loads then, and she is 10 months!
    im sur its just a faze and she will be back to her normal self soon. x
  • You're not a bad mummy. I think all babies go through this phase. Aoife has shouty days too. I think maybe it's part of their learning about there voice and how to make sounds!

    I don't know what to suggest about the sleeping Aoife's never had a dummy so I don't have that problem. If she wakes in the night I usually just leave her to soothe herself back to sleep unless she starts crying (which doesn't happen often).

    All the best,
  • you are not a bad mummy just a normal one. she is growing up and her routine may need re adjusting. do you think her feeds and sleep in day need changing how old is she could she be teething. dont feel bad about bringing her into your bed. i do it all the time and dont give a shit . i nearly went out of my mind trying to keeep my baby in cot all night and made my self ill cus every one told me i was foolish for bringing her into my bed. now nothing is more important than us all getting some sleep.
  • i wouldnt worry babe the all get days like this x
  • Eh really don't worry Alfie's been testing us this last week. Was meant to be going out to me mates at Teeside Park and couldn't make as he was refusing milk, food and all he wanted to do was sleep. Then when we put him to bed he's scream the place down for no apparent reason. First thing I said to oh when he got home was 'I've no idea what I did wrong to day but he's been a nightmare!!'
    It isn't us, it really isn't, it's just them changing and my hv says stamping thier authority (not sure about that mind!)!!
    Just come on here when you get a sec and are fed up that's what i do anyway!! x
  • thanks girls, jst needed to vent i think. Grace is 8 months now and she is teething, she has one of her bottom teeth, bless.

    was that wound up this morning i pulled the curtains back and pulled them off the rings so better go and fix them! lol

  • Yep, its all them changing, developing day to day. Gabe goes through phases of sleeping badly and we are just coming out of a 3 month phase! He was waking every half hour or hour and now he sleeps 12-14 hours at night...bliss...just wait he won't sleep tonight now.

    Taking them out in the day is always good, I take Gabe to the park and play with him a lot to tire him out. I also dropped his last nap which has helped no end, he doesn't really need it and he sleeps a lot better at night, before anything could wake him up but now he is so shattered he just falls into bed and is straight asleep!

    If she seems genuinely unsettled at night I wouldn't worry about having her in your bed, sometimes you just need the sleep...

    Have you tried some calpol or nurofen before bed just in case it's teething? When Gabe was teething badly I would give him nurofen every 4 hours in the day just to keep his pain relief topped up and that helped lots.

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