hey girls, just needed to write all this down really cuz i'm lying in bed worrying! i live in a very quiet area with pretty much no crime or problems, it's really lovely living here people can just leave lawn mowers and childrens toys out in their front garden and they'll still be there in the morning, anyway...

i've never really got on with my neighbours, there's old people below us and downstairs next door and we've argued over silly things such as who's bin is who's and who puts them out on bin day etc and the people upstairs next door have 2 small children and always drink and argue in the street etc so in this lovely area i picked the 1 flat surrounded by [email protected] (sorry) and feel quite uneasy here, if any of the old people are out chatting by their doors they go inside whenever they see us!

anyway, last night at 10pmish we heard some shouting (which isnt unusual because of the young couple next door) which carried on for a while, we ignore it really cuz it's not loud enough to wake JJ, but then someone rang our doorbell at 10.30pm, we weren't expecting anyone so i told OH to just ignore it...anyway the noise stopped after a while and we went to bed, this morning when we got up there's poo scattered around our front door and it's really not animal poo! i'm so upset about this but right now i can hear all the shouting again and it's just me and JJ here cuz OH is at work, i'm really scared, dunno what to do :\( x


  • oh hunni, i really feel for u, hope ur ok. what time is ur oh at work til? xxx
  • well we r here so ur not alone. :lol:

    i hate being alone late at night, luckily hubby works throught the day so i dont have that problem....except for 2nite- hes taking his brother to the airport at 3am, so i will prob stay awake the whole time hes gone. my 4yr old got high school musical 2day so i can see myself watching that at about 4am!! nevermind theres always zac effron to keep me company!!! ;\) :lol: :lol:

  • lol cool, i've just been going through the forums looking for more people to add to facebook :lol: how sad am i! x
  • Awww bless! wish we could all some how get to you to keep you company. lol. I'd be the same though, i can't stand be in the house on my own with the kids. Isn't there anyone you can ring to come over? i know its late but if you explain the situation i'm sure they'll understand. Just keep your mobile/housephone handy for if you feel you need to ring someone.

    I'll stay online for a bit to chat anyway.

    Lisa xxx
  • Oh hun thats awful. Is everything quiet tonight??

    Hilary x
  • ahh, i know ive been on the forums that i havent checked out in a while.
    u can add me to fb if u like...dont want to put my name on here tho. ru friends with faith85 on fb? xxx
  • thanks girls, my parents only live down the road but i can't really phone them cuz my dad is up early in the morning for a meeting, typical hey! x
  • If it gets bad hun I'm sure they wouldnt mind you calling them. I hate being the house on my own too so dont worry xx
  • Well at least you know if you really needed them their just a phone call away and we all know parents would be there in a shot if needs be. lol. Why have they started on you anyway? do they just go around in their crazy state terrorising everyone? Can't you report them and keep it anonymous so it won't come back on you?

    Lisa xxx
  • yeah i guess so, i can still hear people outside but it's not as noisy now, think im going to try and get some sleep, thanks for letting me moan to u girls lol just hope i don't find anything worse outside the door in the morning!! x
  • i dont really have any proof that it is them cuz i can't see but it's just suspicious! x
  • We have new neighbours next door to us which let just say arent too nice but & I've had to have wors with them a few times now but one night they started racing cars from ther right through the village & my hubby got the police out in the end coz it was crazy & the next time we saw their landlords we told them about it. I'm really sure they know it was us coz they dont even look in our direction never mind speak!!!!
  • ok hun. Take care and if you do come back on and i'm not here i'll be on fb so if you want to chat let me by message know and i'll come online or meet you on the farm. lol.

    Nite hun x
  • well if you need to chat and i'm not here just check fb. If it says i'm offline and you need to chat just send a message and i'll come online. I tend to sign in offline so i don't get all the family popping up to chat. lol.

    Nite hun xxx
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