Baby Expert Chat's fantastic (most of the time lol)

Even thou I'm a mum of 4 (5 when this tink-pot decides to arrive) I still love coming on here, picking up new ideas and things to try......offering support or suggestions where I can.......sharing in the joys when ppl get that long awaited BFP........sharing in the sorrows when things don't go to plan.........and of course loving hearing about and seeing pics of all these new babies etc!

I sincerely hope this site can become the happy, helpful, warm and caring place it once was..........I love the variety of people on here, the variety of opinions - good, bad or indifferent.....if we all agreed it would be a boring place image

lol reckon being overdue again has made me far too philosophical :lol:


  • well said mummy x 5, hope you wont wait too long for the latest addition to show it's (her/him/dont' know?) face

    I joined here in 2006 & until recently have enjoyed popping in, offering & getting advice & generally seeing how eveyrones else lo is doing. This is supposed to be a site about all things babies, think that message has been lost recently.
  • Hey Mandi, well said!!! Hope bubs doesn't keep you waiting to much longer!!!!! xxxxx
  • nicely said.

    i was thinking that this morning. i hadn't been on for about a week and i think i missed the majority of the angry posts. i think this forum had been very really insightful and full of good friendly advice
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