Britax B-dual pushchair?


Just wondered if anyone had one and what your opinions were of it?

I just found out I am having baby no2 and ds will only be 22 months and dont think he will want to be standing on a buggy board at that age. This one seemed like a good option, dont like the Phil and Teds for new born as poor baby seems to be hidden in a pocket??



  • I don't have the b-dual but have the vigor 3+ (the 3 wheeler that was replaced by the b-smart) and I love it it's so light to push and good over all types of ground including snow!!! So if I was choosing a double I would seriously consider this one.

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  • Unfortunalty I don't have this particular pushchair but I also have the vigour 3+, and after 10mths of use I can't fault it! Love it, so well made and easy to use.

    If I were to get a double I would seriously consider the dual one as my britax pushchair has been great.
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