FAO Craftycharli

Hi CC,

I just wanted to say a BIG thank you for your bath advice!!!

We decided to stand her in bathroom while OH got in he bath, we filled it with all her ducks & other bath toys (OH looked so funny sat in it on hs own :lol: ) and then I held her up next to it, it started off badly and she was screaming & clinging to me whenever she saw the water or even heard it move but she gradually got more confident and eventually she was peeping over the sides of the bath to see what was inside, anyway her confidence really grew and I was expecting to just stop there for the night BUT she seemed to be really enjoying it, so I sat her on side and she had feet in (YAY!!) then she went all the way in image mostly stood up but still in the bath and she was laughing!!!

I'm so happy image we're going to try again later in the week, just doing the same thing but hopefully we're on our way to happy baths ALL the time. So thank you so much!!!!



  • No worries at all - so pleased it worked for you - like you we were amazed when Max wanted to get in again but I think cos you make out you are enjoying it so much they just want to join in and have fun. Hope it works again for you! Standing in the bath is ok we just got a little plastic pot (after a couple of days of standing in there) and fill it with water and pour it over max's shoulders etc and then wash him and rinse int he same way!

    Fingers crossed!
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