teeth brushing - need some tips please!

Hi there,
My little one is 8 months with the bottom 2 front teeth and as of yesterday the first top front tooth! We're starting to make teeth brushing part of the bathtime/bedtime routine but I find it quick tricky to get him to open his mouth to get in with the baby toothbrush. How are you guys doing this? Anyone got any good tips to share?


  • the best way i found was giving brooke a toothbrush too nd when she opened to put hers in get in quick with urs!
  • hi hun - i've given up trying to brush evie's teeth myself now as it was a battle and she got SO upset over it - i figured i wanted her to find brushing her teeth fun and didn't want it to be stressful so now just give her the toothbrush and let her do it herself, she generally just chews the brush but she does hit the teeth i guess and i always do the "last brush" now so she understands mummy needs to give them a little going over but i only manage a couple of seconds!

    I'm more concerned at the moment about getting her used to it being part of her routine so she will look after her teeth when she is older - so im not too concerned if they don't always get a proper brush when she does it!
  • I'm lucky as Gabe loves having his teeth brushed! I think the other girls have given some good advice though.
  • Hi,

    With my little boy I tried to make it a fun thing. image

    We'd both get in front of the mirror, pull silly faces and I'd sing one of my ridiculous made up songs! :lol:

    I would also brush my teeth in front of him to show we all have to do it.

    Don't get too stressed about it, it will come with time...xxx
  • thanks girls, I am stressing about it, so I guess I'll try to relax more and like you say - it will come with time.
    Lots of love xxx
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