Cheeky post FSOT cloth *more added*

Hi all, just put a few of my stash for sale on another site I'm on, just thought if anyone was in search of a bargain then have a look. Am open to offers. Here's a link


Thanks, liz xxx

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  • Hey hun, can I take those BM liners off your hands? Message me your PayPal and I'll do it now if you haven't sold them already!

    Em x
  • Oooh, just seen your probs EmilyB, will email you via 'the button'!

    Tink-a-belle...I think occaisional use is ok but we have a tight-tank and then a soak away with a pump in the middle so I think it can bust the pump if they get involved in it! Not too sure but OH nearly had a fit when I said they were flushable (he's spent many hours up to his arm-pits in the perverbial trying to fix it, so what he says goes in that dept!)

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